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Hello Students Interested in Study Abroad,


In addition to regular SISA announcements
(scholarship news, international events, etc.) this
message contains some special features to help you
finalize summer plans overseas!


·        see attached (partial)  list of many UGA
programs and University of Georgia System programs
that are still accepting applications (also see item
# 1);

·        And since this list-serv couldn’t
possibly reflect ALL of UGA’s study abroad
programs, remember to explore all your options for
studying abroad through UGA by visiting our
searchable database online: Many UGA
programs continue to accept applications past their
posted deadline. If there’s a program that
interests you….contact them directly for more


As always, instructions to UNSUBSCRIBE yourself from
this listserv are included at the bottom of this

Check us out online


and on Facebook:


Please let us know how we can help you in your
international education pursuits!




 In this week’s message…



1.     List of UGA & USG programs with summer spots
still available (see attached)  

2.    Study Abroad in Belize, Info Session 3/4

3.    UGA Costa Rica, Apply by 3/15

4.    UGA at Oxford: study in England in Summer,
Fall, and Spring!

5.    Study Abroad in Thailand has a few spots

6.    Slots still available on UGA’s Study Abroad
Maymester to Croatia

7.    UGA A Paris summer program...extended

8.    Studies Abroad in the South Pacific: Info
Sessions every Thursday, Apply by 3/15

9.    Graduate Summer Seminar Abroad in Rome, Apply
by 3/15

10.  University System of Georgia-European Council
Summer programs, Apply by 3/17

11.  Study Abroad Walk-in Advising in Memorial Hall:
every Tuesday & Friday afternoon
12.  Study Abroad ‘Options Abroad’ Info
Sessions, offered 3 days a week

13.  $300 scholarship for all students on UGA’s
Summer Thai Sustainable Service-Learning Program.

14.  Dean’s Award for Graduate Student
International Study-deadline 3/5

15.  Academic Continuing Ed. Grant, Sponsored by the
Spanish Government, Apply by 3/30

16.  SIT -New Pell Match Scholarship Program:
Increasing access to international education
17.  Modern Languages Scholarship for students in
Romance Lang. or Foreign Lang. Ed in Romance Lang.,
Apply by 4/2

18.  Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Program-Deadline: 4/6

19.  Opportunities for Africa in the Emerging Global

20.  Film: Daughters of the Dust, 3/4

21.  Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International
Scholars-Apply by 3/5

22.  International Coffee Hour, 3/5

23.  Contribute to student survey on motivations for
global learning, respond by 3/5

24.  International Student Life Office-Survey,
Respond by 3/8

25.  New Franklin College initiative: international
interdisciplinary studies at UGA, Summer 2010

26. 2010 Global Educational Forum on Culture,
Research, and Teaching: call for papers by 3/13;
forum on 4/1-4/2

27.  Center for Undergraduate Research
Opportunities, Annual Event 3/29

28. Exhibition: Cemeteries—From Local Landscape to
International Context, Through 3/31

29.   Unsubscribe yourself from SISA-L








1. List of UGA & USG programs with summer spots
available (see attached)


This attached document reflects updates we’ve
received from individual programs. The list is also
available on our facebook page where it is being
updated regularly.


For the latest details and to get more information,
please visit the individual program websites and/or
contact the programs directly.




2. Study Abroad in Belize, Info Session 3/4 


March 4, 2010 7pm

Sanford Hall Room 309

     For application visit:

     Contact: [log in to unmask]




3.  UGA Costa Rica, Apply by 3/15


Check out your options for summer, fall, spring in
at UGA’s beautiful Costa Rica campus.


Contact: 706-425-3318, [log in to unmask],


All Maymester & Summer applications for UGA Costa
Rica programs due by March 15th, 2010!




4. UGA at Oxford: study in England in Summer, Fall,
and Spring!


General info about studying in Oxford, England:
study with University of Oxford tutors! Any
financial assistance normally available to defray
costs at UGA should be available to apply toward
program costs. New financial assistance specific to
UGA at Oxford has been made available for students
participating on programs in 2010 (Scholarships tab
on UGA at Oxford website,


Please check the UGA at Oxford website for further
details,  326A Park Hall, (706)
542-2244, [log in to unmask]

Spots available for Summer 2010 Programs: summer
programs are open to all majors, transients welcome.
Earn 6 hours of UGA credit during 6 weeks in
England! (July 4-August 13)


o       Franklin at Oxford Summer Program 2010: Over
a dozen courses offered in various subjects.


o       Grady at Oxford Summer Program 2010: In
addition to University of Oxford tutors, study with
Dr. Leara Rhodes, Grady School of Journalism, UGA.
Dr. Rhodes will teach JRLC 5080, International
Communication. Over a dozen other courses offered in
various subjects. Earn 6 hours of UGA credit.  JRLC
5080 International Communications is a LACSI course!
It is a multicultural course and compares
philosophies of media systems and examines all forms
of global communication platforms: print,
electronic, advertising, public relations, and
social media. By understanding different cultures
and how communication structures are formed,
increased communication is possible for all
disciplines. Fifty percent of the course includes
Latin America to include French/Kreole, English,
Dutch, and Spanish speaking countries. The course is
listed as one offered within the LACSI curriculum.
 Dr. Leara Rhodes, has taught this course many years
at UGA and has taken students to Italy, England,
Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. She has lived in a
science center in a rain forest in Dominica; a
nunnery in Santiago de Compostella, Spain; an
Italian student dorm in Parma, Italy; and a faculty
house in Mwanza, Tanzania on Lake Victoria. There
are a limited number of slots still available.


o       Terry at Oxford Summer Program 2010: In
addition to University of Oxford tutors, study with
Dr. Richard Martin, Terry School of Business, UGA.
Dr. Martin will teach INTL 5100, Special Topics in
International Business: The Subprime Crisis: What
were we thinking and how did they get is so wrong?
Over a dozen other courses offered in various
subjects. Earn 6 hours of UGA credit.



Fall 2010—Franklin at Oxford Fall Program: Spend
the fall term in Oxford, England studying with
University of Oxford tutors. Over a 90 courses
offered in over 25 different subjects. Dr. Janice
Simons, UGA School of Art, will serve as the on-site
faculty member and teach ARHI 4916/ARHI3090, Topics
in 18-19 Century Art: Constable and Turner: The
Natural and the Sublime, and ARHI 3090/ARTS 2000,
The Filmic Art of Alfred Hitchcock. Earn 12 to 15
hours of UGA credit.


UGA at Oxford 2011 Programs: UGA at Oxford is now
accepting application for all of its 2011 programs.

o       SPIA at Oxford 2011 - Early Acceptance
Deadline Rapidly Approaching!

o       Law at Oxford Program 2011 - UGA Law School
Program (law students only)

o       Franklin at Oxford Spring Program 2011

o       Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars in
Oxford - Maymester 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Junemester Program 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Summer Program 2011

o       Grady at Oxford 2011

o       Terry at Oxford 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Fall Program 2011




5.  Study Abroad in Thailand has a few spots


Study Abroad in Thailand!
Hope you will join in with us for great
service-learning experience this summer! Automatic
$300 scholarship (see item # 15 below).


Serious inquiries welcome through the end of
February. Contact Sarah Workman asap

Sarah W. Workman,   Public Service Associate,
University of Georgia
Thai Sustainable Service-Learning Program Director
312 Hoke Smith Building
Athens, GA  30602      Tel:  706.542.9737   FAX:




6.  Slots still available on UGA’s Study Abroad
Maymester to Croatia


There are a few spaces left in this program, and
late applications will be accepted until all of
these are filled (maximum program size is 24). Visit
the program website and contact the program director
or one of the other program faculty members for more


Croatia Maymester Study Abroad is one of the least
expensive study abroad programs offered at UGA,
thanks to the generous support of Dr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Phillips. Their gift has allowed to us
reduce the estimated program fee this year from
$3600 to $2600 per student. The Croatia Maymester
Study Abroad Program at UGA offers students the
opportunity to earn six hours credit studying
various aspects of Croatian culture and society
while traveling through this beautiful and
fascinating country. Courses are taught by UGA
faculty and use active engagement approaches that
will take students into different regions and allow
them to interact with scholars from Croatian
universities and research institutes, local
government officials, leaders of non-governmental
organizations, and citizens from different walks of
life. Our academic partner in Croatia is the Ivo
Pilar Institute of Social Sciences.

The 2010 study abroad program will focus on
nationalism and ethnic conflict, culture and 
national identity, the  conservation and
interpretation of  tangible and intangible cultural
heritage, and public  health as a societal issue.




7.  UGA A Paris summer program...extended deadline!


Paris, summer 2010. This 6-week program offers 6
credit hours.  Courses are available in Geography,
International Affairs, Speech Communication, and
Sociology.  More information and application forms
can be found at  Interested
students should contact Dr. Andy Herod, ASAP.


Andrew Herod
Professor of Geography, Adjunct Professor of
International Affairs,  Adjunct Professor of
Anthropology, and Director, UGA à Paris Study
Abroad Program
Department of Geography, University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602, USA
Ph: + 1 706 542 2856 (main)
+ 1 706 542 2366 (direct)




8. UGA Studies Abroad in the South Pacific & UK:
Info Sessions every Thursday; Apply by 3/15 & 4/1

All Thursday info sessions held at 7 PM in MLC 245

Maymester & Summer Programs to Australia, New
Zealand, & Fiji – Apply by March 15, 2010

Studies Abroad in the UK and Cambridge – Apply by
April 1.




9. Graduate Summer Seminar Abroad in Rome, Apply by

This message is for professional staff and graduate
students interested in a two-week, 3 Semester hour
graduate seminar focused on the experience of U.S.
students who study abroad offered by faculty at
Loyola University Chicago at Loyola's John Felice
Rome Center Campus July 4-17, 2010.  The website for
the summer program is .

Contact [log in to unmask]




10. University System of Georgia-European Council
Summer programs: Apply by 3/17


sponsors large summer study programs for USG
students in major locations in Europe, including St.
Petersburg, Bonn, Madrid, Paris, Waterford and
London. In courses taught largely by faculty from
USG colleges and universities, students blend
classroom experiences with group and individual
travel as they earn academic credit at their home
institutions. These programs bring together students
and faculty from across Georgia to share in four or
five week intensive learning and travel ventures.


London! Paris! Madrid! Bonn! St. Petersburg!
Waterford, Ireland!


Featured USG program… St. Petersburg!: Czar Peter
the Great had the same dream and being a czar he did
tour Europe. As a result Peter the Great created his
window on Europe, what we know today as the city of
St. Petersburg. The city is often called the
“Venice of the North” as it combines its Russian
heritage with a European outlook. It is obvious that
Czar Peter took note at the canals of Venice as St.
Petersburg can boast some sixty-five waterways
throughout the city. He was also impressed with the
fountains of Versailles and commissioned that his
palace be constructed with one hundred and fifty
fountains. He also borrowed the European Baroque
style of architecture and gave it a Russian flair.
Today St. Petersburg is considered to be one of the
world’s architectural and cultural treasures. In a
way it is like visiting all the best that Europe has
to offer in one city.    


Program overview:

It offers you a chance to travel and earn college
credits at the same time ( 8 credit hours!),

Classes meet twice a week and have course related
field trips once a week,

Knowledge of foreign language is not required,

The program includes airfare, accommodations, most
meals, guided tours, most field trips, health
insurance, etc;

“Hope” is applied towards your tuition;

Faculty from Georgia accompany the group;


Program Dates: May 28 – June 27, 2010


Courses available in: ART 1100 (Art Appreciation),
Politics of Modern Russia, HIST 4950 (St. Petersburg
in War and Revolution), Historical Geography,
Geography of Europe: Focus on Russia, Developing
Individuals Across Cultures, Cultures and
Interpersonal Relationships, World Civilization,
ENGL 3300 (Russian Literature),   International
Business, Principles of Microeconomics, and Russian


Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass
you by. If you need additional information or an
application please contact the European Council at:
229.259.2591. For complete details about the program
be sure to check out our website at:


 If you would like for us to send you a copy of our
Study Abroad-St. Petersburg DVD contact Program
Directors:  Irina McClellan, Valdosta State
University, [log in to unmask] or Chris Ward,
Clayton State [log in to unmask]





11.  Study Abroad Walk-in Advising with a Study
Abroad Representative in Memorial Hall—every
Tuesday and Friday afternoon!

Are you interested in studying, working, or
volunteering abroad? If so, you can stop by Memorial
Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays between 1:30-5:00pm to
meet with a study abroad representatives. No
appointment is necessary these are walk-in sessions!
The study abroad representatives will be in Memorial
Hall, Room 233 (in the ICA Department suite). You
can also schedule an appointment to meet with a
study abroad advisor at their main location downtown
at the Bank of America Building.




12. Study Abroad ‘Options Abroad’ Info Sessions,
offered 3 days a week

In these 50-minute information sessions, a study
abroad Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad will
explain the basics of finding a study abroad
program, using the resources in our study abroad
library, the process of transferring credit from an
external study abroad program, financial aid and
scholarships for study abroad, health and insurance,
basic travel information, information on working,
volunteering, or interning abroad, and SISA, the
study abroad listserv.

The sessions are held three times a week in 303 Bank
of America Building, 110 E. Clayton St. Visit our
website for more information.
Students must sign up in advance as space is







13.  $300 scholarship for all students accepted to
UGA’s Summer Thai Sustainable Service-Learning
Great news for those interested in this Summer’s
interdisciplinary Thailand Summer Abroad. A program
grant was just awarded to the program, allowing a
reduction in the program fee for all students. The
current program fee the six weeks is now $2200 per

For more information: and





14. Dean’s Award for Graduate Student
International Study- deadline 3/5


Source:  This award is generously funded by the
Graduate School under the direction of Dean Maureen


Purpose: To cover a study abroad program’s loss of
tuition revenue, making it viable for more UGA
graduate students on assistantship to study abroad.


Note:  Because UGA graduate assistants do not pay
tuition for coursework (other than a $25
matriculation fee) and because UGA study abroad
programs are often dependent on the tuition revenue
generated by the credit hours in order to have the
budget “make,” in the past, UGA study abroad
programs often simply could not accept students on
assistantship.  This award provides funds to the
program in place of tuition, thereby allowing more
study abroad programs to accept graduate assistants
and more UGA graduate students to study abroad.  As
a result, selected students do not receive any funds
directly, and the award does not apply to non-UGA
programs.  Recipients must still pay the regular
program fee just as do other graduate students and
undergraduates; the program cannot discount or
reduce the student's program fees as a result of
this award.

Amount of award: An amount equal to either 3 or 6
hours’ tuition, depending on the number of hours
for which the student will enroll

How paid: From the Graduate School restricted
account, to be paid directly to the study abroad
program, on behalf of an individual student

Deadline: March 5, 2010 for 2010 Maymester or Summer
programs (please send all documents to Kasee Clifton
Laster, Bank of America, third floor).


Overall guidelines for eligibility: Competitive –
judged on the basis of academic merit and of the
appropriateness and rigor of the proposed course of
study. Selection by a subcommittee of the Strategic
Planning Committee for Study Abroad. To be used on
any UGA resident-credit program, Maymester or
Summer, that offers courses for graduate credit.
Student must be in good academic standing with no
incompletes, and making satisfactory academic
progress in a degree-seeking program as documented
by the graduate coordinator. Student applicant must
be on a UGA assistantship, and wishing to attend a
UGA Maymester or summer study abroad program.


Exclusions:  Not open to transient or non-degree  in
the following professional programs: JD,
LLM,Østudents, nor to students MBA, MAcc, PharmD,
DVM, nor to students paying tuition themselves
(i.e., not on assistantship) . Not to be used on
behalf of TA’s working for the study abroad
program itself. Not open to students with current

Requirements from the student:     A copy of the
student’s completed application to the study
abroad program.  Current transcript (OASIS
print-outs are acceptable). Statement of purpose
(one-page maximum): What are your objectives in
studying abroad and in choosing this course and
location? Syllabus or detailed plan of study; make
sure to include the number of credit hours. Upon
return: statement (one-page maximum) on how the
program made a difference in the student’s
graduate education. Upon return: as requested by the
Graduate School, student will be willing to speak
publicly to the university community and to selected
external audiences about their experiences and
knowledge gained during their international study


Requirements from the program:   A letter from the
study abroad program director indicating that the
student will be accepted if funded.  Brief
description of the study abroad program and the
place of the graduate course within the program; if
the student plans to take a 400/600 course, the
director must address the course’s specific
learning objectives for the graduate component and
how these differ than those for undergraduate
students C.V. of the faculty member who be providing
the instruction if using non-UGA faculty; if using
UGA faculty, must be have graduate faculty status




15. Academic Continuing Education Grant, Sponsored
by the Spanish Government, Apply by 3/30


Aimed at college students and recent graduates
(undergrad and graduate level). The program sends
1500 American and Canadian Participants to Spain
each year to serve as teaching assistants, sharing
their native knowledge of the English or French
Language and North American culture in Spanish
public k-12 schools


2010-2011 academic year

12-16 hrs weekly

Positions available all over Spain

Orientation course

Minimum $700 Euros monthly stipend + full medical

Start Sept 2010-June 2011

No application fees


Apply NOW through March 30th




16. SIT -New Pell Match Scholarship Program:
Increasing access to international education 


SIT (the School for International Training) now
offers a new scholarship for undergraduate Pell
grant recipients. The Federal Pell Grant Program
provides need-based grants to low-income
undergraduate students to promote access to
postsecondary education.


Beginning with fall 2010 programs, SIT will
automatically match a student's Pell award used for
a semester program with SIT, thereby placing
high-quality, field-based study abroad programs
within greater financial reach of a wider range of
undergraduate students.


More than 30 SIT programs across the globe are
eligible for the new Pell match scholarship.

Today's increasingly complex and interconnected
world requires leaders with the global perspectives
and intercultural skills fostered during a
meaningful study abroad experience. SIT students
live with host families, learn local languages,
study critical global issues in distinct geographic
and cultural settings, and undertake undergraduate
research or an extended practicum.

SIT's new Pell match scholarship increases the
access of high-impact study abroad programs to
talented undergraduate students who are in a
position to influence international and
intercultural relations in the coming decades.

To learn more about financing a study abroad program
with SIT, and for a list of other SIT Study Abroad
scholarships, please visit the financial aid and
scholarship sections of our Web site:

SIT Study Abroad, a Program of World Learning
PO Box 676 Brattleboro, VT 05302
Phone: 802.258.3492
Toll Free: 888.272.7881
[log in to unmask]




17. Modern Languages Scholarship for students in
Romance Language or Foreign Language Ed in Romance
Language, Apply by 4/2


Please announce to your students who are planning to
study abroad IN

SUMMER OR FALL 2010 that the Modern Languages
Scholarship competition is

currently open.  Eligibility is limited to full-time

students whose declared majors are in the Department
of Romance

Languages or Foreign Language Education in Romance
Languages.  Four

awards of approximately $300 will be granted this
year.  The application

deadline is April 2, 2010.  Please advise students
that the application

form is available on our departmental webpage at:




18. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Program-Deadline: 4/6


Prestigious scholarship program! GO FOR IT! Summer
2010 & Fall 2010/Academic Year 2010-2011 Application
Open - Deadline: April 6, 2010


The Gilman International Scholarship Program is
pleased to announce the opening of the Fall 2010
online application with over 1,700 scholarships to
be awarded.  A limited number of summer awards will
be available to students majoring in the STEM fields
(Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) who meet
the program's standard eligibility criteria listed


*        Enrolled as an undergraduate student at a
two or four-year U.S. Institution

*        United States citizen

*        Receiving a Federal Pell Grant at the time
of application or during the term of study abroad

*        Participating in a study abroad program
that is no less than 4 weeks and no more than an
academic year

*        Receiving academic credit

*        Study in any country not currently under a
U.S. State Department Travel Warning or Cuba


Summer 2010 & Fall 2010/Academic Year 2010-2011
applications are now being accepted online and are
due April 6, 2010.  For more information about the
Gilman Scholarship, application deadlines &
timeline, and application process, please visit the
Gilman website at, contact the
Gilman Program at 713-621-6300 ext. 25 or email
[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.








19.  Opportunities for Africa in the Emerging Global
Economy, 3/3


Dr. Valentine Nzengugn, Geology.

Blue Card Event!


Part or the APERO Brown Bag Lecture Series

Held Wednesdays, 12:15- 1:15

African American Cultural Center

407 Memorial Hall




20.  Film: Daughters of the Dust, 3/4


Sponsored by the Institute for African American
Studies. Film by Julie Dash about three generations
of Gullah women and the family's migration from the
Sea Islands to the American mainland. Filmed on St.
Helena Island in South Carolina. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00
p.m. 481 Tate Student Center. Contact: 706-542-5157,
[log in to unmask]




21. Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International
Scholars-Apply by 3/5

Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International
Scholars Tau Chapter will be re-instating the
organization, and is seeking nominations of
qualified students, faculty and staff to be inducted
into the Society.  The purpose of the society is to
recognize outstanding achievement, scholarship and
service in the field of international education.
 University of Georgia students, faculty and staff
can be nominated for membership.  The membership
criteria for American and International Students
require that graduate students have a GPA of 3.5 and
upper division undergraduate students have a GPA of
3.1.  Students must also have had significant
involvement in international activities.

Individuals who are interested in being nominated
for membership can email [log in to unmask]
for instructions and forms or visit the Office of
International Education. Student nominations must
include a recommendation letter from a faculty
member who knows the student. Deadline for
applications is Friday March 5, 2010.  The
nominations committee will review all nominations
and invitations to join will be extended to those

If you need additional information on Phi Beta Delta
please contact Olivia T. Davis in the Office of
International Education, (706) 425.3154 or e-mail
[log in to unmask]






22.  International Coffee Hour. 3/5


11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Memorial Hall Ballroom


Sponsored by International Student Life. Meet others
and learn about cultures from all over the world
while sampling international cuisine and local
coffee. Hosted byAISEC. 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Memorial Hall Ballroom. Contact: 706-542-5867


Free food!

For more information, contact 706-542-5867.




23.  Contribute to student survey on motivations for
global learning, respond by 3/5


Hello Study Abroad Students!
I am a student in the Master of Nonprofit Management
program and am completing a course in Program
Development this semester. As part of this course, I
am creating a design for a hypothetical program in
which undergraduate students with global experience
work with rural high school students to inspire
these students to pursue post-secondary education
and develop a broader global perspective. In order
to develop this plan, I need to investigate what
motivated undergraduates to participate in global
experiences, such as study abroad. I have designed a
short online survey to identify these motivations
and would greatly appreciate your participation in
taking the survey. It should only take a few minutes
of your time and all results will be used only for
the class project and will remain confidential.
Please follow this link and complete
the survey by 12:00 midnight on Friday, March 5th.
Your participation in this survey is entirely
voluntary and your assistance is greatly
appreciated. Please fee free to contact me at
[log in to unmask] with any questions or


Thank you for your participation and have a
wonderful day!


Erin Hendrix
Candidate, Master of Nonprofit Organizations
Graduate Assistant, Institute for Nonprofits
University of Georgia
[log in to unmask]





24.  International Student Life Office – Survey,
Respond by 3/8

In an effort to improve our services and programs
offered to UGA students, we are trying to gather
student perspectives about global leadership
education. To assist our assessment efforts, please
click on the link below.  The survey will take
between 5-10 minutes to complete:

Thank you for your assistance, and if you have any
questions, please contact Anna L. Patton at
[log in to unmask]



Anna L. Patton

University of Georgia, First-Year Graduate Student

College Student Affairs Administration Program

Graduate Resident, Brumby Hall

Practicum Student, International Student Life




25.  New Franklin College initiative: international
interdisciplinary studies at UGA, Summer 2010


Franklin College is pleased to announce an exciting
new initiative for the College that combines
international and interdisciplinary studies. It is
called The Franklin International Scholars Program,
or FISP.


The purpose of FISP/ /is to move beyond traditional
paradigms of  student study abroad and pursue
substantive faculty collaborations  with partner
institutions throughout the world. The /FISP /pilot
program will be launched in the summer, 2010 when
three international scholars from around the world
will teach a class on the UGA campus (two in Short
Session I, and one in Short Session II). These
scholars will also conduct research and give
lectures for the community.

International Scholars for the pilot year will come
to UGA from Croatia, Oxford, and Buenos Aires:


1.)    Dr. Tobias Capwell

The Wallace Collection, London, UK

Summer Short Session I

Cross-listed course: ENGL 4290 (23-746); HIST
4700/6700 (43-747/63-748); ROML 4120/6120

Periods 02-03 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Course title: The Art of Chivalry: Knights, Their
Cult and Culture 1000-1700


This course will examine the visual, literary, and
material culture of the medieval and Renaissance
knight in Europe. The fully-armored knight on
horseback is a routinely misunderstood figure,
shrouded in over two hundred years of stereotyping,
lampooning and conflation. The culture of chivalry
has often been misinterpreted because of its
pronounced contextual complexity – it cannot be
understood through the exclusive study of documents,
or of pictorial representations, or of surviving
material evidence such as weapons and armor. The
knight was at once a socio-political figure, a
heroic symbol, an economic problem, a demonstration
of high technology, a professional sportsman, and a
deadly warrior. Therefore we will explore his
history in a suitably interdisciplinary way. On this
journey through seven centuries we will examine the
knight in all his multi-layered intricacy. We will
examine his portrayal by poets, historians, artists,
and –perhaps most importantly– by himself, in
the form of chivalric texts, histories, and
treatises on horsemanship and the martial arts,
written by knights for knights. We will trace him
through the study of such diverse sources as
illuminated manuscripts, funerary effigies, martial
arts manuals, and even everyday objects such as
candlesticks, mirror-cases and “aquamanile”. By
combining the exploration of the knight’s physical
world (notably the real function and use of his
horse, weapons and armor) with literary and
art-historical investigations, we will build up a
more complete sense of the actual significance of
the knight in his beautiful and dangerous world.
Since the medieval knight was a “global” figure
who operated in an international arena the course
focus broadly on English, French, Italian and
Spanish source material. Given in English.


2.)    Dr. Anita Peti-Stantić

University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Summer Short Session I

Cross-listed course: CMLT 4740 (03-591); LING 4910
(02-787); SLAV 4510 (92-786); SPCM 4900 (22-788)

Periods 04-05 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Course title: The Construction of Identity: Language
Policy between Conflict and Resolution


This course will examine the function of language as
a symbol of national identity and the politics of
language with emphasis on S.E. Europe, e.g. the
former Yugoslavia, both before and after its
disintegration. We will discuss theoretical aspects
of language policy and language planning, as well as
the role of language in the construction of national
identities in general. We will apply these concepts
and principles in a study of language policies in
the former Yugoslavia, the role of language in the
conflicts accompanying the breakup of the
Yugoslav state, and the ongoing construction of
separate linguistic identities in the various
successor states. Special attention will be paid to
the role of the government, media, and other
institutions in formulating and implementing
language policies. Given in English.

3.)    Dr. Pablo Ansolabehere

University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Summer Short Session II

Split-level course: LACS 4900 (43-621); SOCI 4500
(23-620); SPAN 4120/6120 (93-128)

Periods 02-03 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Course title: The Uses of Violence in Latin American


This course will examine the representation and uses
of violence in Latin American literature. We will
analyze several novels and fictions that deal with
different forms of violence related to politics,
sexuality and gender, race, religion, social
culture, war and revolution. We will also take into
account the ideas on violence developed by authors
such as Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, René Girard
and Slavoj Zizek, among others, to analyze how
several Latin American writers work with violence in
the construction of their fictions. By doing so, we
will explore the interaction between fictions and
Latin American History and Culture which determines
the particular manifestations of violence in Latin
American societies and the way in which violence is
dealt with in literature.  Given in Spanish.




26.  2010 Global Educational Forum on Culture,
Research, and Teaching: call for papers by 3/13;
forum on 4/1-4/2

The 2010 Global Educational Forum on Culture,
Research, and Teaching provides a medium for senior
administration, faculty, students and visiting
scholars to dialogue about “Globalizing the
Curriculum.” This is a campus-wide faculty and
student event on April 1-2. The dialogue on
research, teaching, and public service and outreach
gives senior administrators the opportunity to
highlight the University’s commitment to
international education and diversity, identify
networks and activities that promote campus-wide
cross-curricular integration, and offers faculty a
way to communicate their research and teaching
scholarship, and allows students to convey their
dissertations, masters’ theses, or independent

Submission Information: Students submit abstracts
that focus on global-based research or independent
studies for poster presentation. Abstracts should be
no longer than 250 words (and include the title,
presenter’s name, and department affiliation).
Best poster presenters will receive awards. All
other presenters will receive certificates.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: March 13,

Notification date: March 15, 2010

Where to send abstracts: Submit abstracts and any
questions to the program chair, Rose
Chepyator-Thomson, at [log in to unmask]

For more information:





27. Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities,
Annual Event 3/29


The Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities
is hosting their annual event at the Classic Center
on March 29th. The event is free and open to the

The Keynote address, "Conservation and the Global
Search for Sustainability" will be delivered at 4:00
pm by Dr. Peter Brosius, Professor of Anthropology
and Director of the Center for Integrative
Conservation Research at UGA.

The full program is listed below:

- 10:10-3:45, Concurrent Oral Sessions & Honors
Thesis Roundtables

- 4:00-5:00, Keynote Address & Excellence in
Undergraduate Research Mentoring Awards

-  5:00- 6:00, Poster Session, Science as Art &

- Awards Ceremony immediately following.

For more information, contact CURO: [log in to unmask],




28.    Exhibition: Cemeteries—From Local Landscape
to International Context, Through 3/31


Sponsored by the College of Environment and Design.
Janine Duncan (MHP ‘07), and Jim Cothran, FASLA
(adjunct CED professor) explore the significance of
Jackson Street and Oconee Hills Cemeteries, and the
insights that cemeteries provide into cultures
worldwide. Through Wednesday, March 31, 2010. Circle
Gallery , G14 Caldwell Hall. Contact: 706-542-8292,
[log in to unmask]






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