The Middle School Record Books results are below. Awards will be given out
at the Area Rallies.
Thanks for your participation.

*Area 3

**Bonaire Middle   *
Ali Ikner

*Perry Middle*
*Gold *
Beth Batchelor
Olivia Bauer
Sharla Kuhn
Brandon Loewen
Matthew Salter
Tara Salter
Connor Stanley
Bryce Struckmeyer

*Area 4*
*Effingham Middle*
Luke A. Smith
Nicholas Hunter Howard
Chelsea King
Katherine Wilds

*Screven Middle*
Macie Brannen
Katie Lariscy
Anna Smith
Lindsey Thomas
Haleigh Thompson
Daniel Weaver
Zachary Weaver
Alyssa Lee

*South Efingham Middle*
Logan Jett
Lauren Miller
John Conner
Daniel Hemley
Gerald Tyler Kessler
Aaron Phillips
Ryan Weredyk
Logan Conaway

*Thomson Middle*
Dillard Norman
John Cody
Brittany Curtis
Angela Harmon
Jud Hawkins
Austin Herkel
Jordan Mayfield
Timothy Snipes
Richard Weeks
Amanda Wilson

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Swainsboro, GA 30401
Phone 478-289-2559