Dear Teachers,

Each day we all receive a large volume of emails via the listserv. The
listserv is a great way to get a message out to all teachers.

Please remember to look at who the email is from, not just who sent it. Many
of the listserv emails that you receive from me are sent on behalf of
someone else. If this is the case, you should reply to the author of the
email, not the sender.

For example, today you received an email from me that was written by Marcus
Pollard. In his email he asks that if you have any questions or are
interested in helping him to please contact him. He listed his name and
email address.

If you simply hit reply to one of these emails, your email goes to the
sender, not the author.

Each day I receive many of these replies that I must then send to the
original author. While I do not mind forwarding these emails, with the
volume of emails that I receive there is always a chance that some could be
overlooked and the response to the author does not get to them.

It would be very much appreciated by everyone if you would please read the
entire email and respond to the original author which may or may not be the

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