Please see the note and web links below, and the attached file concerning
the UGA Plant Science Scholars program. This might be something your
students would enjoy. If you have questions, please contact Kisha Shelton.

Dear FFA advisors,

Attached you will find a application packet for our 2010 Georgia Plant
Science Scholars (GAPSS) summer program scheduled for June 20-25, 2010.
GAPSS is a week long residential program which gives student and teachers
the opportunity to explore the world of plant science.  This program
provides opportunity to attend college lectures, laboratories and
facilities.  As part of the program you will tour programs and departments,
participate in a mini-science conference and so much more.

We have 30 spots designated for students and 3 spots for teachers.  There is
a registration charge ($150) for students to attend the program which helps
off set the cost of meals, housing and event transportation.  Teachers do
not have a registration fee, instead we ask they help us with chaperoning
duties in exchange for the learning the experience.  Please feel free to
contact me should you have any questions.

A brochure for GAPSS can be found at

The applications for students can be found at The application for advisors
is attached to this message.

Kisha L. Shelton

Education Program Specialist

Department of Plant Pathology

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

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phone:  706-542-1426

fax:  706-542-1262

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