* NTA's 7th Annual Southeast Regional Convention*

April 9th - 11th, 2010  Calhoun, Georgia    [image: Your browser may not
support display of this image.] [image: Your browser may not support display
of this image.]

*You are invited to participate in a Youth Field Event.*

Date: Friday April 8, 2010

Registration Time: 8-10 am

Start Time: 10 am

Registration Fee: $ 50 per team- this includes advisor and provides
admission to the convention

This will be a team event consisting of (4) four team members competing in
all event categories. Schools can bring up to (4) four teams. Plaques, prize
money, and individual recognition will be awarded through 10 placings.

Events to be held:

   1. Primitive Weapon- Archery(Re-curve no sights)
   2. Pelt identification
   3. Trap setting- timed and scored for proper set
   4. Written exam
   5. Equipment identification
   6. Team Activity- GPS navigation and Trap set.

*FFA Contact*

*Jasen Spoon *

*Sonoraville High School*

*[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>

*Santek Environmental of Georgia
Chris Johnson--NTA
1224 Pleasant Hill Rd Extension
Ranger, GA 30734

*An Email will be sent out on list –serve with registration forms and
additional correspondence within a couple of weeks.*

*Registration Form*

*Team Name (chapter or county)______________________________*

*Team Advisor:_________________________________*





*Outdoor & Trapping Events*

The concept: 4 man teams- all team members will compete in each event. One
timed team event with all team members working together toward a goal.


   1. *Primitive Archery*- 4 stationary targets some with obstructions at
      various yardages. Each competitor will shoot at each station and scored
      2. *Trap setting*- Each competitor will set individual traps to be
      determined by ATA. Competitor will be scored on time and correctness.
      3. *Identification of pelts*- Students will identify a series of
      prepared pelts of animals typically trapped in the southeast and scored
      4. *Written exam*- students will complete a 20 question exam on facts
      and information centered on the subject of wildlife conservation.
      5. *Team event*- Teams will utilize GPS technology to plot and set
      traps in predetermined locations being scored on time and accuracy of set
      traps and location.

Team scores will bet totaled as a whole. All 4 scores will count in
individual events with team score counting one time.

Schools will be allowed a maximum of 3 teams or 12 students.

Cost for competition will be $ 50 per team.

Winning teams will receive a cash prize as well as a plaque to commemorate
the event.

High point individuals will be recognized as well.

*Resources to use in training:*

** <>

* *