Great ideas come from great teachers.... thanks Joe Green for sharing !

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Date: Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 7:27 AM
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thanks for the info on local plant sales, pricing, etc...

another venture that has been profitable for us is called Amazing Student Planters ...  We offer a service where other teachers and staff members are invited to bring in their own personal EMPTY pots or planters from home.  they leave the containers at the greenhouse and then our students fill them with soil and plant a assortment off annuals into those pots.  We charge for the soil, plants, and a small surcharge and then deliver the pots back to the teachers...

Teachers at my school like this service because they don't have to do the work of hauling soil and flowers home, and they get a nice variety of annuals ready for their deck or patio.  Plus the students get to hone their planting and design skills.  Depending on the size, we charge about $5-7 per container which easily covers our expenses plus some profit.


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