The state Dairy Evaluation CDE was held this past Saturday at the UGA Animal Science arena. Thank you to the UGA Animal & Dairy Science faculty and students for their help in conducting the event. Thank you too to Mrs. Christa Steinkamp, Mr. Ricky Wheeler and Mr. Tommy Waldrop for coordinating the CDE. A complete set of results is attached. Membership has been confirmed, and these results are official.


Congratulations to the Putnam County FFA for winning the senior division and the Houston County FFA for winning the junior division.



1st place team – Putnam County

2nd place team – Houston County

3rd place team – Franklin County


1st place individual – Kari Crandall (Putnam County)

2nd place individual – Magen Moore (Putnam County)

3rd place individual – Jordan Davis (Putnam County)



1st place team – Houston County

2nd place team – Franklin County Middle

3rd place team – Brantley County


1st place individual – Eileen Shone (Houston County)

2nd place individual – Madison Hickey (Stephens County)

3rd place individual – Tanner Wilson (Brantley County)



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