Our kickoff speakers for this 82nd State Convention are Chance Veazey and UGA Head Baseball Coach, David Perno. If you don’t know about Chance’s story, you can read more at the following link. I encourage you to share this with your students. I encourage you too to have your students keep up with Chance on his Caring Bridge website. He is a special young man.


There are a few things that I would like for you to know before Thursday night gets here.


First, Chance and  Coach Perno have waived any type of speaker fee. We’re not paying them one dollar!  Next, the Georgia baseball team has a game Wednesday night and a weekend series (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in Athens with South Carolina. Coach Perno has every excuse not to attend our Convention, but he is coming! He is making a special effort to be there  to help tell Chance’s story to our young people.


Secondly, if you read the story on the link above, you will see that the UGA baseball team is collecting donations at every home game for the “Prayers for Chance” fund. We will provide the same opportunity at the Convention on Thursday. When you and your students arrive, there will be opportunities around the Arena to donate pocket change or dollar bills to the Prayers for Chance fund. We are not asking for large donations…just pocket change or dollar bills. Every dime we raise will be given to Chance’s fund. Please encourage yours students to consider this opportunity.


Finally, Coach Perno and Chance have requested an opportunity for students to ask Chance questions during his presentation. At the appropriate time, we will turn up the house lights in the Arena and allow chapter delegates to ask questions of Chance. We will have a house mic available on the Arena floor. Please encourage your two delegates sitting on the floor on Thursday night to think of any appropriate question that they would like to ask Chance. He wants that interaction with our students.


I appreciate you giving both of these items some attention.



Ben Lastly

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