I was just made aware of the two grant opportunities listed below.  Attached
you will find the two Federal Register Notices about these grants.  Please
review these opportunities and apply if interested.  If you decide to apply
let me know so I can put in a good word for you and your program with USDA.

1.      Yesterday the USDA released the Notice of Funds Availability for
Rural Business Opportunity Grants (RBOG), a key part of the Secretary’s *Great
Regions* strategy.  We would like to make sure there are strong proposals
for local and regional food systems submitted to Rural Development offices
around the country in the next 90 days.  Each state has a State RD office
that organizations will need to work with in submitting this grant. This
information is better explained in the Register Notice.
Go<;jsessionid=N2vkL7vJJLBYh20DsrTyD8Q04V92l9GbN5NQtFJbC1nk323DsQ2T!709340166?oppId=53496&mode=VIEW>to website for more information about this grant.;jsessionid=N2vkL7vJJLBYh20DsrTyD8Q04V92l9GbN5NQtFJbC1nk323DsQ2T!709340166?oppId=53496&mode=VIEW

2.      The *Agriculture Food and Research Initiative* (AFRI) 2010
competitive grants program was announced two weeks ago.  Below is a simple
description of what sort of projects AFRI is looking to fund, along with a
link to more information.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture, as part of its Agriculture
and Food Research Initiative 2010 competitive grants program, is seeking
proposals for research, education, and extension sustainable programs on
local and regional food systems that will increase food security in
disadvantaged U.S. communities and create viability in local economies.

·         There are many regional and local sustainable food system programs
across the country addressing food insecurity by developing small food
economies in diverse ways. Applications must explore best practices in these
projects, better understand the basis for success or failure measure the
innovations, assess social, economic, and environmental impact, determine
cost/benefit, and provide feedback and replication opportunities to improve
the work.

·         Applications must be focused on urban and/or rural self-defined
geographic regions centered on ongoing local and regional sustainable food
systems (food sheds) that include disadvantaged communities.

·         Active participation of disadvantaged communities should guide the
project’s assessment of best practices that inform future activity, assess
infrastructure needs, identify gaps between knowledge and practice; and draw
on both domestic and international experience to improve existing

Proposals can be up to $1,000,000 per year ($5 million total, including
indirect costs) for project periods of up to 5 years.

The first step in application is a REQUIRED letter of intent, for which the
deadline is April 30, 2010, 5:00 p.m. ET.

For more information, see within the “Global Food
Security” challenge area, program area: Improved Sustainable Food Systems to
Reduce Hunger and Food Insecurity Domestically and Globally.

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