Good Morning,

The telephone service for the Agricultural Education offices in Athens (FFA Office, North Region Office and the Curriculum Office) has changed from UGA to the Georgia Technology Authority. As a result of this change, all of the telephone numbers have changed.

Below is a list to the new numbers. I am also attaching a list that you can print if you would like to.

Old Number New Number
Georgia FFA Office - Martha White 706-542-8990 706-552-4456
Hope Hatcher 706-583-0609 706-552-4457
FFA Office Fax 706-542-3707 706-552-4458

Old Number New Number
North Region Office 706-542-3679 706-552-4461
North Region Fax 706-542-9602 706-552-4462
Christa Steinkamp 706-542-9775 706-552-4463
Sidney Bell 706-542-8097 706-552-4464
Blane Marable 706-542-9793 706-552-4465
Teri Hamlin 706-542-9601 706-552-4466


Old Number New Number
Curriculum Office - David Turner 706-542-9043 706-552-4460


David Turner
Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum
216 Four Towers, UGA Campus
Athens, GA 30602
Office: 706-552-4460
Fax: 706-433-9853
email: [log in to unmask]