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Congratulations to all you recent UGA grads and bon voyage to those of you who are embarking on global travels this summer!


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Summer is a good time for making headway on your future study abroad plans and our study abroad advisers are here all summer to help! Read below for information about how to meet with them. Our regular Options Abroad Sessions and Walk-in Advising are not offered during the summer.

Over the summer months, this list serv for Students Interested in Study Abroad will take a break from its regular weekly posts. Instead, SISA-L will be posted every few weeks throughout the summer, with other timely announcements coming to you in between regular posts as needed. Weekly SISA-L announcements will resume in the Fall semester when our new graduate assistant takes the wheel! In the meantime, don’t forget to be in touch on our Facebook page:


On a more personal, final note, I graduated on May 8th (!) and this is the last SISA-L update I will write as the graduate assistant in the Office of Study Abroad! Preparing SISA-L messages has been a big part of my weekly schedule for two years now, and it has been a pleasure to compile announcements to support an endeavor as important as international education.


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Best to you all!


Lila Grisar

Graduate Assistant, Office of Study Abroad 2008-2010

MA, Nonprofit Management (!)


Table of Contents for this message (scroll through to read the full announcements):



1.   UGA at Oxford: Still accepting applications for summer. Fall & Spring programs also available.

2.   UGA Int’l Photo & Video Contest: Don’t forget your camera if you’re studying abroad this summer!

3.   Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

4.   UGA-Exchange Program Spotlight: University of Leicester, UK

5.   Planning to be out of the country this fall? Get set to vote from overseas-Youth Vote 2010!

6.    U.S. Student Fulbright Program: Competition Open! Deadline: 9/13

7.    UGA-Affiliate Study Abroad Scholarship: Application for fall programs due 5/15      

8.    British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association Scholarships: Apply by 5/31

9.    Mary McNeill Scholarship-for Masters students who enroll at Queen’s Univ. of Belfast: Apply by 6/1

10.  Academic Programs International (UGA study abroad affiliate)-Scholarships for Fall/Year-long study abroad: Apply by 6/10

11.  Glimpse Correspondents Program, Apply by 7/15

12.   UN eConference-Engendering Empowerment: Education & Equality, Through 5/15

13.   New Franklin College initiative: international interdisciplinary studies at UGA, Summer 2010

14.   British/Irish Studies Program (BISP) at UGA


15.  Unsubscribe yourself from SISA-L  





1.   UGA at Oxford: Still accepting applications for summer. Fall & Spring programs also available.


Study in Oxford, England with University of Oxford tutors! Summer applications will continue to be accepted until about 2 weeks before departure or until spaces fill…whichever comes first! Any financial assistance normally available to defray costs at UGA should be available to apply toward program costs. New financial assistance specific to UGA at Oxford has been made available for students participating on programs in 2010 (see the scholarships tab on the UGA at Oxford website,



Fall 2010—Franklin at Oxford Fall Program: Spend the fall term in Oxford, England University of Oxford tutors. Over a 90 courses offered in over 25 different subjects. Dr. Janice Simons, UGA School of Art, will serve as the on-site faculty member and teach ARHI 4916/ARHI3090, Topics in 18-19 Century Art: Constable and Turner: The Natural and the Sublime, and ARHI 3090/ARTS 2000, The Filmic Art of Alfred Hitchcock. Earn 12 to 15 hours of UGA credit.


2011 Programs—UGA at Oxford is now accepting application for all of its 2011 programs:

o       SPIA at Oxford 2011

o       Law at Oxford Program 2011 - UGA Law School Program (law students only)

o       Franklin at Oxford Spring Program 2011

o       Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars in Oxford - Maymester 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Junemester Program 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Summer Program 2011

o       Grady at Oxford 2011

o       Terry at Oxford 2011

o       Franklin at Oxford Fall Program 2011


 Please check the UGA at Oxford website for further details,  326A Park Hall, (706) 542-2244, [log in to unmask]




2.  UGA Int’l Photo & Video Contest: Don’t forget your camera if you’re studying abroad this summer!


2010 will mark the 11th annual International Photo Contest and 2nd annual video contest at UGA. The UGA Office of International Education sponsors this event to help celebrate International Education Week every November.  


Stay tuned this fall for contest details and deadlines. In the meantime check out the contest website to learn more about this exciting international event on campus:


On this site, you’ll find the 2009 winners, links to view all photo and video entries, and guidelines for the 2009 competition. ***While 2010 contest guidelines will not be announced until the fall 2010, the 2009 guidelines will give you a good idea of what you need to know. Especially important to note ahead of time is the fact that super compressed photos are often too small to be entered in competition….so, check your camera and computer settings to make sure you capture and store images of appropriate quality.


Snap some good photos and bring the world back with you to UGA!! We can’t wait to see your work!




3. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Are you interested in studying, working, or volunteering abroad? Study Abroad advisers are available to meet with you throughout the summer. Contact the Study Abroad Office to schedule an appointment:


Study Abroad Email: [log in to unmask]      Phone: (706)425-3274


We are located in 303 Bank of America Building, 110 E. Clayton St.


Walk-in advising in Memorial Hall and Study Abroad ‘Options Abroad’ sessions will be offered regularly again with the start of the Fall semester.




4.  UGA-Exchange Program Spotlight: University of Leicester, United Kingdom


Spring 2011 Applications due September 15, 2010

Here's a great opportunity to study abroad in the United Kingdom at the University of Leicester.

The Roman city of Leicester is Britain's 10th largest city and is a vibrant and exciting place to be. Leicester has all the benefits you would expect from living in a major city, yet also has a friendly and safe atmosphere. The last few years have seen millions of pounds invested in the city's amenities, arts and business. Leicester is ideally located in the centre of England and well connected by road, rail or air. Travelling to or from London or Birmingham takes about an hour by train, while East Midlands and Birmingham airports are close by. With the newly-opened Eurostar terminal at St Pancras, Paris and Brussels can be reached in just 5 hours.  At Leicester, the vibrancy of the city centre is just a few minutes' walk from the campus, offering the best of both worlds – the community feel of a campus university combined with all the excitement of a city-based university. All the facilities you need can be found on campus. As well as academic buildings, computer rooms and the David Wilson Library, there are coffee bars, a bank, restaurants, shops, bars, an arts centre, plus a handy gym and the constantly buzzing Students’ Union. 
(, )


UGA - University of Leicester Exchange Program Information:

 --Dates of Program: Fall semester (Sept/October - December); Spring Semester (January - June)

-- Course Subjects/Units include: Ancient History, Archaeology, Art History, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminology, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English/American Literature, Geography, History, Law, Mathematics, Media & Communication, Physics & Astronomy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology


--See Leicester Subjects (modules) Available at:


--Host University Websites:


--Host University Exchange Info:


--Cost: Students pay an Exchange Program Fee (currently $3865 for SP 10) to cover in-state tuition at UGA; Housing Costs paid abroad in UK.  Students may keep HOPE and other UGA/federal financial aid.

--Exchange Application Deadlines:

September 15 for Spring 2011

February 1, 2011 for Fall 2011 and Full-Year 11-12

--FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO APPLY:  Contact the OIE Study Abroad Front Desk to schedule an exchange advising appointment, where you will receive an application.


Office of International Education, Bank of America Building, 3rd Floor, 110 E. Clayton Street, [log in to unmask]





5. Planning to be out of the country this fall? Get set to vote from overseas—Youth Vote 2010!


Young U.S. Voters Around the World…   


Your Ballot Goes Where You Do: Vote in 2010!


The Institute of International Education reports that the number of Americans studying abroad has grown four-fold over the past decade. The mission of Youth Vote Overseas (YVO) is to help these young American voters step up and take responsibility for their future through civic participation even as they immerse themselves in an experience outside the United States.

Students, as well as faculty and staff, who will be abroad on November 2, 2010 should register/request their ballots via the YVO website as part of their departure preparations, or immediately after their arrival overseas.



STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS: the next items reflect just a few of many study abroad scholarship opportunities. We recommend that you visit our study abroad Financial Aid and Scholarship page: Be sure to explore all the scholarship tabs along the left side of that website.


6. U.S. Student Fulbright Program: Competition Open! Deadline: 9/13


Are you interested in pursuing a Fulbright grant for graduate study, research, or English teaching assistantships abroad?


The 2011-2012 Fulbright competition opens May 1, 2010, and the campus deadline is September 13, 2010.  Note to juniors - if you want to go abroad on a Fulbright the year after graduation, this is the time to apply. 


For more information, contact Maria de Rocher, 212 Moore College, 706-542-6908, [log in to unmask].   If you are interested in applying for Fulbright for the 2011-2012 competition, please be sure to contact Ms. de Rocher this spring.




7. UGA-Affiliate Study Abroad Scholarship: Application for fall programs due 5/15


For students participating in study abroad programs sponsored by AIFS, API, IFSA-Butler and ISA

Need based scholarships - Ideal candidates should be receiving need-based financial aid.
Additional scholarships also available directly from study abroad program sponsors.

Priority given for semester long programs, and demonstrated financial need.

Spring 2010: Friday, November 6, 2009;
Summer 2010: Friday, April 2, 2010;
Fall 2010: Friday, May 15, 2010;



8. British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association Scholarships, Apply by 5/31


Each year BUTEX awards sixteen scholarships to students studying abroad for either a semester or for a whole academic year.


Eight scholarships are available to UK students studying abroad in the USA or Canada and a further eight scholarships are available to North American students studying in the UK.


The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to the winners once they have arrived and registered at their host university.


Applications will be accepted from January 2010 and the deadline for all applications is the 31st May 2010


For more information: 




9. Mary McNeill Scholarship-for Masters students who enroll at Queen’s Univ. of Belfast: Apply by 6/1


Mary McNeill, author of The life and times of Mary Ann McCracken, and a leading figure in the Irish Association, was a distinguished Irish historian.  This scholarship is founded in her memory.


A scholarship to the value of £3,000 is available for a well–qualified student, enrolled in the one–year MA degree course in Irish Studies at the Queen’s University of Belfast.  This scholarship is open only to citizens of the USA or Canada, enrolled as overseas students on this course.


Applications will be judged by a panel on the basis of academic merit and reasons for taking the course.


Closing date for applications is Tuesday 1 June 2010.




10. Academic Programs International (UGA study abroad affiliate)-Scholarships for Fall/Year-long study abroad: Apply by 6/10.


*Academic Programs International (API)  Programs include locations in Spain, Italy, Mexico, France, Ireland, Hungary and Poland. Must be on financial aid to earn a scholarship.

API awards approximately $250,000 in scholarship money annually ranging from $250-$1,000 per student! You may download a scholarship form from our website. The requirements are as follows:

  1. The student must have applied to and been accepted on an API program.
  2. The student must obtain one additional letter of recommendation (in addition to the one required for the API application) from a professor or an assistant professor (for a total of 2 letters).
  3. The student must submit two essays:
  4. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to apply.
  5. Scholarship application deadlines:
    For Fall/Year: June 10
    For Spring: October 15
    For Summer: April 1




11. Glimpse Correspondents Program, Apply by July 15th


The Glimpse Correspondents Program is for talented writers and photographers with a passion for storytelling and a knack for finding truly unique stories. The program is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 34 who will be working, volunteering, or studying outside of their home country for at least 10 weeks. Correspondents receive the following benefits:


TipTo get helpful tips on what Glimpse looks for in an application, become a Glimpse Facebook fan.



Correspondents must be abroad for a minimum of 10 weeks between August and December.

Fall 2010 Program Deadlines





12.   UN eConference-Engendering Empowerment: Education & Equality, Through 5/15


The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI) is hosting a conference in Dakar, Senegal in May 2010. It will look at the intersection of girls' education and violence, poverty, educational quality, participation, and health--among other things.


In order to prepare for this event, there will be a global eConference to which all are invited to "attend." The eConference has been titled, E4 (Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality).


The eConfenece E4 will take place online over five weeks, beginning April 12th through May 14th.


Each week will focus on a theme as described below.


If you would like to participate in the eConference, or simply "lurk," or get more details, please click on: 


"Online Registration" is now open.

April 12th  16th        Poverty, intersecting inequalities and girls’ rights to education
April 19th  23rd        Quality education for gender equality
April 26th  30th        Breaking the silence: contesting violence and girls’ education
May 3rd  7th             Connecting social policy: climate change, health, AIDS and girls’ education
May 10th  14th         Convergence week

How do I participate?

Please join our weekly webcasts, to hear an overview of the issues arrising from the discussion papers. Please join the conversation by reading, responding to or opening new threads on the discussion at the bottom of each week’s page. You can also:

    * submit position papers through the conference management system. Paper submission is now closed.
    * link to a presentation on slideshare / slideboom / prezi etc.
    * link to a video contribution on Youtube / / vimeo etc.


Questions? Technical difficulties? Suggestions? See:





13.  New Franklin College initiative: international interdisciplinary studies at UGA, Summer 2010


Franklin College is pleased to announce an exciting new initiative for the College that combines international and interdisciplinary studies. It is called The Franklin International Scholars Program, or FISP.


The purpose of FISP/ /is to move beyond traditional paradigms of  study abroad and pursue faculty collaborations with partner institutions throughout the world. The FISP pilot program will be launched in the summer, 2010 when three international scholars from around the world will teach a class on the UGA campus (two in Short Session I, and one in Short Session II). These scholars will also conduct research and give lectures for the community.


These courses are ONE TIME ONLY, so interested students should avail themselves of the opportunity.  Former exchange and study abroad students might especially enjoy having a class from a professor from "their" school.  The scholars are here for teaching and research, hosted by the new Franklin International Scholars Program. 

International Scholars for the pilot year will come to UGA from Croatia, Oxford, and Buenos Aires:


**The Art of Chivalry: Knights, Their Cult and Culture 1000-1700
Dr. Tobias Capwell, The Wallace Collection, London, UK

Cross-listed as: ENGL 4290 (23-746); HIST 4700/6700 (43-747/63-748); ROML 4120/6120 (53-742/73-743)
Summer Short Session I Periods 02-03 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Dr. Capwell is Curator of Arms and Armor at The Wallace Collection.  He is one of the top specialists in the world on European arms and armor of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the materiality of chivalric culture.   This course will examine the visual, literary, and material culture of the medieval and Renaissance knight in Europe.  Given in English.

**The Construction of Identity: Language Policy between Conflict and Resolution
Dr. Anita Peti-Stantić, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Cross-listed as: CMLT 4740 (03-591); LING 4910 (02-787); SLAV 4510 (92-786); SPCM 4900 (22-788)
Summer Short Session I Periods 04-05 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Dr. Peti-Stantić is an Associate Professor in the Department of South Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Zagreb.   This course will examine the function of language as a symbol of national identity and the politics of language with emphasis on S.E. Europe, e.g. the former Yugoslavia, both before and after its disintegration. Given in English.

**The Uses of Violence in Latin American Literature
Dr. Pablo Ansolabehere, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cross-listed as: LACS 4900 (43-621); SOCI 4500 (23-620); SPAN 4120/6120 (93-128)
Summer Short Session II Periods 02-03 Old College (bldg 130) room 100

Dr. Ansolabehere is a Professor of Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires. This course will examine the representation and uses of violence in Latin American literature. We will analyze several novels and fictions that deal with different forms of violence related to politics, sexuality and gender, race, religion, social culture, war and revolution. Given in Spanish.


Contact: Noel Fallows…[log in to unmask]




14.  British/Irish Studies Program (BISP) at UGA: New website!

BISP now has a working website at The site includes a calendar of event of interest to British/Irish Studies (the date will appear in blue and you can click on it to find out the details). The site can also help you get in touch with other students and faculty who are participating in the program (click on the link "Program Info and Requirements" and go to page 3).


Stay tuned for future blog entries!

Questions? Comments? Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Kraft, Director, BISP, [log in to unmask]




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