Last week at the GVATA Conference, Mr. Doc Stovall form the Booth Western Museum talked to us about Cowboy Poetry. In the next few weeks you will be receiving additional information on this opportunity for your students.

Below is an announcement that Doc has been selected for National Recognition. If you read the article below you will see that Doc is a well respected professional. I know that he is willing to work with you and your students.



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National Day of the Cowboy



PRESS RELEASE - 2010 Cowboy Keeper Awards


For Immediate Release July 20, 2010

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National Day of the Cowboy

2010 Cowboy Keeper Awards announced 


Recipients of the 2010 Cowboy Keeper Awardhave been selected by the National Day of the Cowboy nonprofit organization and its Board of Directors. Each year the award is bestowed upon individuals and organizations that make a substantial contribution to the preservation of pioneer heritage and cowboy culture. The award was conceived to help raise awareness for the National Day of the Cowboy and increase participation in its celebration.

Those whose efforts will be honored in 2010 are Don & Sharon Endsley - Producers of the Great American Wild West Show, the Desert Cowboys who protected freedom in the Middle-East, acclaimed singer and poet Doc Stovall, Western Jubilee Recording Company – the hallmark of excellence in western music, and the Grant Harris Family - Producers of Pilestown New Jersey’s Cowtown Rodeo, started by the Harris family back in 1929. 


The Endsley’s Great American Wild West Show is an entertaining, fast paced extravaganza in the tradition of Bill Cody’s Wild West productions and features some of the best western performers in the country. It’s action packed, complete with trick ropers, trick riders, chuck wagon races, stagecoach robberies, longhorns, Native American dances by the Begay Family, and historic characters like sharp shooter, Annie Oakley, and Buffalo Bill himself. The Endsley’s mission is to keep the American West alive and produce a caliber of show Buffalo Bill himself would produce in the 21st century.


Western Jubilee Recording Company, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sets the bar for recording excellence in the world of western music and cowboy poetry. Scott O’Malley and Kathleen Collins are the dedicated ramrods for WJRC and Scott O’Malley & Associates. Not only do they produce premier cowboy and western artists like Michael Martin Murphey, Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Wylie & the Wild West, and Sons of the San Joaquin, they offer intimate concerts in their classic “Warehouse Theater,” provide artist representation and booking, attend many western events, and helped start the Ride for the Brand Ranch Rodeo. They are a dynamic and highly respected duo, working tirelessly to “offer the finest in American music traditions since 1982.”


The Desert Cowboys are a unique group of brave men and women who served in the deserts of the Middle East, leaving homesteads, ranches, and farms to protect our freedom and promote freedom in foreign lands. In the superior execution of their duties, SFC Russell Anderson and his Desert Cowboys demonstrated that Cowboys are as adaptable and resourceful as ever and that the Cowboy Code is as relevant today as it was in the Old West in one's quest for a life lived with total integrity. While deployed overseas, the Desert Cowboys proudly flew their National Day of the Cowboy flag over their barracks and took time out to share their barrel-roping skills with the locals.  


Doc Stovall is a native Virginian who’s been associated with music most of his life. His earliest influences include traditional music from the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain areas of the South, handed down through generations from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. He’s well loved as a Western singer and cowboy poet, and was honored in 2002 as Georgia’s Official Cowboy Balladeer by the Georgia State Legislature. In 2004, Stovall was inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame, the first cowboy singer so honored. In addition, he leads discussions on the origins of traditional cowboy music and presents programs and seminars on the writing and recitation of cowboy poetry, tracing the genre to its beginnings at the back of the chuck wagon on cattle drives. Doc is a co-founder of the Cowboy Performing Arts Society and he is the Entertainment and Sponsorship Manager for the Booth Western Art Museum in Georgia, where he assists with the educational outreach program.


In 1929, the Howard Harris family started the Cowtown Rodeo in rural Salem County, New Jersey. It was suspended during World War II but resumed operations in 1955. Today the Harris family still presents rodeo action every Saturday night, May through September, as the longest running regular Saturday night rodeo in the U.S. It’s a stop on the professional circuit and draws competitors from across the country. It is one of only two ongoing weekly sanctioned rodeos in America. Grant and Betsy Harris live on the "home ranch" and are carrying on the tradition of Cowtown Rodeo. Grant runs the daily operations while Betsy secretaries the rodeos. She is President of the First Frontier Rodeo Circuit and oversees the entire rodeo circuit in the northeast. Grant and Betsy have two daughters, Courtney and Katy. Courtney married Jake Morehead of the Three Hills Rodeo Company in Bernard, Iowa, where they continue the family’s rodeo tradition in the Midwest. Katy lives on the "home ranch" following in the footsteps of the generations before her keeping the traditions of Cowtown Rodeo alive.


The National Day of the Cowboy organization is privileged to recognize the dedication and commitment of these five recipients of its 2010 Cowboy Keeper Award. Don and Sharon Endsley, Doc Stovall, Western Jubilee Recording Company, the Desert Cowboys, and the Grant Harris family are representative of our finest, most valiant guardians of pioneer heritage and the cowboy culture.


 “Simple Things," the quietly inspiring artwork chosen as the image for the 2010 Cowboy Keeper Award, is the creation of Kansas artist, Jim Clements. Jim expressed a desire to “honor the spirit of the west in all of his paintings.” This beautiful oil on canvas depicts a peaceful chuck wagon scene that says without words, "Cowboy life is good," and deftly captures on canvas that ethereal quality of the West Jim Clements envisions.


Past recipients of the Cowboy Keeper Award include Wyoming U.S. Senator Craig Thomas, Cheyenne Frontier Days Executive Committee, the Golden Boot Organization, Arizona U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Producer Julie Ream, the Reel Cowboys, singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey, Publisher Dakota Livesay, poet wrangler Margo Metegrano, and Fort Worth's Texas Trail of Fame.






For additional information visit: www.nationaldayofthecowboy.com


National Day of the Cowboy • 822 W Monte Way • Phoenix, AZ 85041

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