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Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Show Animals-Tips for Hot Weather
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Show Animals-Tips for Hot Weather

††††††† Provide cool water free choice- insulate hoses to automatic waters to keep water cool

††††††† Make sure there is plenty of shade during all parts of the day- some shade cloths let too much sunlight through

††††††† Use fans to move air over the animals

††††††† Apply water on swine for evaporative cooling

Showing during hot Weather

††††††† Make sure you take fans that meet barn rules with you.

††††††† If an animal gets hot apply water to cool them down

††††††† Donít use oil on Hogs at hot weather shows use water

††††††† Make sure animals receive enough water to drink

††††††† Check on animals often

Just a few tips, have fun and I will see you at the shows.
Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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