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Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 5:40 PM
Subject: 2 opening week activities
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Hi Dr. Hamlin,
Here's 2 activities some teachers may, or may not, want to try...
The first is called the Garden Label Icebreaker Activity -(I started to dump a bunch of leftover garden labels, but then decided to recycle them in a way so kids could meet each other on the first day.... see handout.)
The 2nd is a way to get teachers from other academic areas into your AG area to see your facility and "break the ice" with them ... It may seem like a bribe with the ice cream, but so far the response has been good.... I thought it was gona cost me $50 for ice cream and cones, but when our principal heard about it, he paid for it...  Many on our staff have been promoting ways to increase comradery within the staff, so this might help or be a step to meet teachers from other subject areas on a Friday afternoon...
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