Lewis Farms Nursery has fall mums available in 8 and 10 pots. Eight-inch
pots have one plant and 10 pots have two plants. Mums have the potential of
doubling as a fundraiser and student activity. The earliest varieties become
marketable in early September with some maturing all the way through
mid-October. They are offering 17 varieties, including yellow, white, red,
pink, coral, and bronze. These will bring a premium price due to their large
size and good quality. The public will love them!

Prices to you will run $3.50 for 8 pots and $7.50 for 10 pots. Volume
discounts are possible. Delivery can be arranged.

If you would like to purchase mums, call or e-mail Lewis Farms Nursery at
the number below to discuss the details.

Tim Lewis
Lewis Farms Nursery
830 Hwy 26 East
Elko, GA 31025
(478) 954-1507 cell

Thank you,

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
fax - 478-825-6980
cell - 478-973-4071
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030
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