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Hello Everyone!
     I hope the new school year is going well! I know this is a very busy time for us ag teachers, but please take a moment to read this e-mail and see if you have any valuable information to lend. Burke County FFA is currently in the process of obtaining permission to keep livestock on campus (mainly goats and small dairy heifers). Our school attorney has asked the advisors to gather information from other schools who have barns/facilities with animals on campus. Mr. Andy Tenhuisen, Ms. Catrina Kennedy and myself are asking that if you have ANY information about liability, student/parent contracts, facilitiy management, etc. to please let us know asap. We are looking for any information about what practices you and your school have in place for housing animals on campus. This information would help us and FFA out so much! Please, if you have any information we would love for you to share it with us. You can send it all to me at [log in to unmask].

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