September - Great Time to Teach Pest Scouting

September finally provides us with some temperatures where you want to be outside involved in hands on activities.

So why not go pest scouting? 

Below are some likely pest your can find, collect and bring back into the classroom for identification.



Azalea caterpillar – Scout and remove caterpillars or treat if needed

Two spotted spider mite – Treat with miticide as needed                                      

Citrus whitefly – Scout and treat as needed

Two-lined spittlebugs – Scout and treat if needed




Crape myrtle aphid – Treat with insecticide as needed

Bagworms – Remove bags or treat with insecticide if worms are actively feeding

Cottony maple scale – Treat with insecticide as needed

Orange striped oak worm – Scout and treat if needed

Green striped mapleworm - Scout and treat if needed




Chinch Bugs in St. Augustine and other turf – Scout and treat with insecticide if necessary

Fire Ants – Treat with insecticide - particularly baits

Cicada killer wasp – Control not usually needed

Fall Armyworms – Scout and treat if necessary


 A worthy extension publication will also offer help in how to manage landscape pests. -


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