As many of you are starting back to school or gearing up to, I wanted to
share a few resources that you may find useful.

The first one is a packet that I have used for several years called the
"Parents Guide to FFA". I tried to always include all of the basics about
our chapter (history, officers, activities, calendar, etc.). I found that
many parents were appreciative of it--especially those who were new to
FFA. I encourage you to modify it to your needs and use it in your
program. A good idea would be to post it on your portal and also have some
in print to give out on the first day of school or at open house.

Secondly, I have posted some SAE resources. Many teachers struggle with
ways to teach students about SAE projects. Even though it is sometimes
difficult to help each student have a quality SAE program, this is
foundational to the Agricultural Education program and I know that with a
little creativity and hard work, we can see a lot of growth in this area.
I have included the SAE Agreement and Instruction materials that I used as
I was teaching my lessons on choosing a project. I have also included the
grading form. Again, feel free to take these materials and modify them for
your use. There are also a lot of good SAE materials located on the Ag Ed

All of these materials are posted on my portal. You can access the South
Region portal now by going to Once there, click
on "teacher directory" and then on "teacher groups". From there you can
select "region teams". From this, you can access my portal as well as all
of our area teacher's. I realize that it is a little cumbersome navigating
to the portals---you may want to consider bookmarking each person's portal
for easier access.

I know we have some challenges ahead this year, however, I truly believe
that if each ag teacher strives to develop a total program (classroom,
SAE, & FFA) we will see great things happen. I encourage each of you to be
strongly proactive in promoting all aspects of your program. If I or any
of our staff can be of assistance, please let us know.


Lynn Barber
South Region Agricultural Education Coordinator
Georgia Department of Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy.
Tifton, GA 31794