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Blue Sign Point System - Suggested Changes

Please review the following suggested changes to the Blue Sign Point  
System. Upon review, please vote yes or no in the boxes below. If you have  
any questions, please contact us at the South Region Ag Ed office at  

Agriscience Fair Projects should receive one time credit of 3 points for  
participation, and then receive quality points for the highest placing  
project on the area / state level in the Junior or Senior Division.  
Justification: The current system awards point for each of the 5 categories  
which also has individual, team, Junior and Senior divisions. Up to 20  
award winners. Evaluating an Agriscience project the same as we do a CDE or  
Proficiency is unfair. A chapter should not receive the same points for  
winning a category of the Agri-science fair as someone who won the State  
EMC CDE. The current system is awarding points in the Agri-science Fair  
like receiving points for each individual placing at the AREA Forestry CDE.  
The current process breaks the contest into minute areas and should not be  
evaluated equally with a CDE or Proficiency.

Completely remove the rule for multiple teacher programs that states, “The  
total number of teacher points will be divided by the number of teachers  
and added to the chapter points for a total score.” Justification: It is  
very difficult for a larger Ag Department to compete against smaller  
departments when the points are divided out. The award is presented to the  
CHAPTER not individual teachers. Points given should be added and the total  
determines the winner.

Under chapter participation, please add National Talent as one of the  
items. Justification: National Talent has to audition just like National  
Chorus & National Band. On the National website all three are listed  
together with the following information: “Being a part of the band, chorus  
or talent is an important role, one that allows FFA members to entertain  
and motivate thousands!”

Delete credit for workshop and/or training events Justification: I don't  
think that points should be given for attending a workshop. If the advisor  
can train the students or have someone in the community to train the  
students then they should not be penalized for not attending a workshop.

Determining point value for the different CDE's Justification: Not all  
CDE's are created equal therefore they should not be valued the same.

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