With several show registration deadline getting close I thought I would
remind you of a few things that will help out at the check-in at the shows.

        Make a copy of your entry forms and keep them in a notebook to
refer back to check tags and other info.

        Make a list of all your students and their animals by ID and have
this list with you when you come to check in.

        Make sure you recheck tag numbers to make sure they are correct. We
can deal with it before the show if we find a mistake, at check in is too

        Make sure you have the health papers, remember for junior shows the
health papers are good for 4 months. Also for lambs and Market Goat you need
to update them every 30 days by writing the statement in the rulebook and
sign and date them.

The entry deadline for the Georgia National Fair is September 1. Make sure
your entries are postmarked by that date.

See you at the shows

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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