*Teachers if you had students with an environmental /community  improvement
SAE from last year submit their application for the Keep Georgia Beautiful
Award. *

The Keep Georgia Beautiful (KGB) Awards Program honors those whose ongoing
efforts in community improvement, environmental stewardship, waste
reduction, and/or litter prevention exemplify leadership in protecting
Georgia’s environment. The KGB mission is to build and support community
environmental activities and behaviors resulting in a more beautiful

The following groups are eligible to apply:

   - Nonprofit, Civic, and Community Organizations
   - Schools and Youth Groups
   - Businesses and Professional Organizations
   - Government Agencies

Eligible groups may apply provided they have completed an initiative in one
of the following categories:

   - *Community Improvement* - recognizes efforts of any group to improve,
   beautify, and preserve the quality of life in their community.  Efforts may
   include outdoor environmental education, enhancement of public areas,
   community gardens, installing/maintaining bike paths and pedestrian
   walkways, protecting historical town centers, and working with public park
   - *Litter Prevention* – recognizes efforts of any group to change
   attitudes and behaviors of litter in your community.  Efforts may include
   litter cleanups, enforcement of litter/illegal dumping laws, placing garbage
   cans in needed areas, signage, storm drain stenciling, classroom education
   and presentations to civic/community groups.
   - *Waste Reduction and Recycling *– recognizes efforts to minimize the
   impact of waste, promote recycling, and/or methods of responsible waste
   handling in your community.  Efforts may include education or initiatives in
   source or waste reduction, recycling, composting and/or sanitary land

KGB also offers six awards for individuals:

   - The Carolyn Crayton Award and the Steve Reynolds Award presented to an
   exceptional female and male volunteer respectively
   - The Barbara Mason Award recognizes an outstanding KAB Affiliate
   Executive Director
   - Public Works Employee of the Year Award
   - Code Enforcement Officer of the Year
   - Student of the Year Award includes a $1,000 cash award

Entries are due September 15, 2010.

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 *Provider:* Keep Georgia

*Resource Types:* Contest/Award

*Audience Served: * Families, General Public, Home Schools, Non-formal
Educators, Pre-service Teachers, Private Schools, Public Schools,
Scouts/Youth Groups, Teachers

*Age Groups: * All Ages

*Environmental Focus: * Conservation, Consumer Education, Ecology,
Environmental Health, Gardening/Composting, Litter, Plants, Pollution,
Recycling/Waste Management, Stormwater, Team-building/Problem-solving,
Trees/Forests, Water

Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-552-4461 / 706-540-0032
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