Teachers:  Please see this years Initial Draft of the 2010-11 State Ag Mechanics Tip Sheet.  This sheet offers an overview of the skills and problem solving abilities that may aide you in training your Ag Mechanics team for the coming year.  If any more information becomes available before the CDE, we will send this out to you also, and your Area Ag Mech Teacher will have updates.  Take a look especially at the Team Activity Area for this years CDE.  Until this year, we have listed only a "Computer Activity" or a "GPS" Activity or a combination of the two.  This year, we have added " Surveying Instruments" to the mix.  We presented a CTAERN Training session this past June for Soils that included units on Land Measuring and Surveying Methods.  If you were not able to attend this training, please visit the link below that will provide study materials for Differential Leveling that will be of help to you. 

As usual,  Please let me, Sydney Bell, or Kevin Jump know if we can be of any help.  Von

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