For those of you with students who have rabbit projects.

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Didn't know if this was of interest to you or not.

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Subject: [Usaged-l] Purebred breeder willing to help start SAE rabbit projects!
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Hello Ag Teachers,
I have become aware of a rabbit breeder that has some animals to give away- all show quality- due to the fact they bred "like rabbits!" (pun intended) Purebred rabbits are a GREAT SAE for students that don't live in farms! Of course I'm a big fan because that was my SAE and 4-H project many moons ago. They are relatively inexpensive to keep and not noisy so they won't keep the neighbors up at night. A few years back I believe I saw an Ag Entrepreneur project that won and his business was building rabbit cages to sell to FFA/4-H/breeders- another great aspect of the rabbit industry.  
Last semester I  bred two Mini Rex does in class and my students watched each doe raise 5 kits. They were able to see how quickly they grow from "eww its naked" to "awww its cute and fluffy".  I ended up selling all 10 kits for $20 each- making some good money for the program. Also its a great way to teach genetics- we had a black doe, bred to a chocolate (brown) buck, throw an albino kit...white was 3 generations back on the doe and my students had to figure out recessive genes as well as mutations that may have happened.
Ms. Linda Parsons has Mini Rex (avg show weight 4.5lbs) and Dwarf Hotots (avg show weight 2lbs). She lives in Gallman, MS (Copiah Co). This is 30 minutes south of Jackson, MS. Her email is [log in to unmask].  
For more information (and pictures) of the many breeds of rabbits available- including Mini Rex (whose fur feels like velvet!) and Dwarf Hotots you can look at the American Rabbit Breeders Association website  http://www.arba.net/Breeds.htm. Show quality rabbits can range in price but Ms. Parsons is interested in thinning her herd some as well as helping youth. Please email her directly if you have questions or are interested.
Shelley Armour
Shelley M. Armour
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