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*New Interactive Training Program to Promote Welding Safety*
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The Lincoln Electric Company has released a new Welding Safety Interactive
Training Program. This innovative program is designed to educate arc welders
about the safety hazards they may encounter while arc welding and the safe
practices they should follow to minimize those hazards.

The content in the new program is designed to be understood by welders at
all experience levels and will be of interest to welding instructors and
students, casual welders, professional welders and their supervisors and
employers. Even experienced professionals will come away from using the
program having learned something new.

The Welding Safety Interactive program provides the user with a menu of
topics relating to arc welding safety from which to choose. Users learn at
their own pace and have the option of viewing specific topics in which they
are interested or to watch the entire course.

Welding Safety Interactive includes more than 120 frequently asked questions
about welding safety and a safety photo hunt section, which is a series of
photos of arc welding tasks being performed with various safety issues users
are asked to identify.

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