Show animals most important nutrient is water. The taste and quality of water varies across the state. Sometimes show animals will not drink when you that them to a show. Some of the problems could be the temperature of the water, animals do not like to drink cold water when it is cold and hot water when it is hot. At shows you need to check the temperature of the water before you try to get animals to drink. If you are going to a place where the water has a different smell or taste you can start flavoring your water at home and then the animal is use to the flavor while at the show. With swine being shown in cold weather water consumption can be a problem and the animal can show signs of stress because of dehydration.

At home water problems can also happen. A garden hose lying on top of the ground to an automatic water dispenser can have a water temperature of 130 degrees coming out of it. In winter time make the ice is off you water supply where animals can have access to water. Always remember to clean the water trough of algae, feed and other things that may get into it. If you donít have good clean water for you show animals they cannot grow as good as they can.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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