With the Georgia National Fair starting next week, I thought a few hints that will help check-in go faster would help.
  • Always make and keep a copy of your entry forms to check on ear tags and tattoo at a later date
  • Check Registration papers to make sure they are in the Students name.
  • If you will be checking in several animals at one time have a list of tag numbers and students names to help move them on through the scale area.
  • Make sure that Ear tags and Tattoos are readable.
  • Make sure you have your health papers ready for the Dept. of Ag.-remember that health papers are good for 4 months.
  •  Be patient and do not break in line.
  • When finished unloading animals and equipment move your vehicle where others can use the space.
  • If you are in line a long time and the weather is hot keep check on your animals to make sure they are not getting hot.
  • Don't get mad at show officials, they are working as fast as they can.

Ricky Wheeler
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