I hope most of you are enjoying a relaxed Columbus day recuperating from the
weekend in Perry. I enjoyed visiting with many of you at the fair and was
very impressed with the conduct of your students and as well as your

I hate to load your wagons in a short week between Perry and Indy, however,
I do want to remind everyone of some of the dates approaching that are
important to our program.

October 15th is the due date for:

*FFA Program of Activities and Budget* - These will be uploaded to your *School
Portal*...not sent to the North Region office or the State FFA office. Step
by step instructions on uploading documents to your portal are on the
website under "New" - "Updated Documents"

*FFA Roster* - Submitted online and payment,  postmarked by due date, sent
to State FFA office.
                     - Meeting this due date is a standard and is also
required to be eligible for 100% membership recognition.
                     - Membership will be checked for all CDE's that have
already occurred to verify eligibility of team members.
                     - If you are on block schedule, you may have students
participating in a CDE that will not be in your class until next semester.
Make sure you put them on your roster now.
                     - Don't forget 1 + 3 option for Seniors.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Area Teacher
assigned to your program:

Area 1 North - Teri Hamlin - 706-552-4466
Area 1 South - Sidney Bell - 706-552-4464
Area 2 North - Blane Marable - 706-552-4465
Area 2 South - Christa Steinkamp - 706-552-4463

As always, feel free to call me as well if I can ever be of any help.


Stan Mitchell
North Region Coordinator
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
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