Good Morning,

If you have a teaching resource that you would like to share with your
fellow teachers please let me know and I will be happy to share it via the
listserv. Below are two submissions for excellent videos. Thank to these
folks for sharing.

From Tim Savelle:
Here's a good 4 minute video clip I found about the important role of
farmers in our world.  Good music.  Interesting to watch and listen to.  My
kids always like it.  Thought I would share the link with other teachers.

From Joe Green:
There's some really good videos (free!) for classroom use found at  Just go to the upper left page of the home page where it
says "TV Spots"  .  Each clip is only  only about a minute each, but my kids
love them for a way to start or end a class period and/or discussion on
values. These films are from the same people that Mr. Barber shared about
the free "values" posters earlier this year.
great for character education...
Joe C. Green

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