Its time to prepare for the Junior GGIA Certification.
If you had Nursery Landscape teams they should already know half of the plant materials on the list.

Date: January 27th, 2010
Location: Gwinnett Civic Center, Duluth, GA

9:00 - 9:25 Registration and Pick Up Name Badges
9:30 -11:30  Jr. GGIA Testing (Plant ID & Exam)
11:30-12:30 GGIA Career Speakers, Announcement of Winners, Group Photo
12:30 -3:00 Lunch and Trade Show Visit

TEACHER PLU: Teachers who attend the full conference day 9:30 -3 p.m. and have *prepared* students who participate in the Jr GGIA certification testing are eligible for one plu. Note: *prepared* means your students come to the certification practiced and pass a minimum of one part of the certification. 

The Georgia Green Industry Junior Certification Level I program consists of a written exam and plant identification practicum. The written test is based on the educational objectives of the Georgia Agriculture Education horticulture curriculum and features 50 multiple choice questions. To pass the written exam, a student must answer thirty-five questions correctly. The second portion of the certification is plant identification. Fifty plants will be displayed for students to identify. To pass the identification, a student must identify thirty-five plants correctly.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Students grades 6-12th are eligible to register and test for certification.

HOW TO PREPARE? NEW this year - Mr. Todd Hurt has prepared a web interactive study site for Jr. GGIA. 

Website includes:
Plant Id Practice Quiz

Plant Photo Gallery Lightbox Gallery
Practice Written Exam Quiz

To set up an account go to and register as a new user.  
Once you get a confirmation email (it can take up to 30 minutes depending on traffic to receive the email please be patient) you will be asked to enter a passphrase use "qwerty" without the quotes. 

Please Note:  There are three web courses listed on this page. 
Please select the course in which you are registered for or you will be studying the wrong plant list. 
The courses are clearly marked.

Mr. Hurt  has included detailed instructions inside of the course. 
Please feel free to contact him if something should be clearer. 
He have also added a discussion forum at the top for reporting of problems. 

Also on the agriculture education website there is a folder under the Horticulture Resources with all the GGIA Junior Certification materials including test study guides and powerpoints with all identification plants.

 Note : students who passed part of the certification (example passed the written exam but did not pass the plant identification) only have to take the part they did not pass.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The registration fee is $10.00 for students from a school that is a GGIA member and $20.00 for students from non-member schools.

HOW TO JOIN GGIA? Contact Georgia Gree Indsutry Association at [log in to unmask] / 706-632-0100 /

HOW DO I KNOW WHO PASSED? Exams will be graded the day of testing. Students who pass the exam and plant identification will be rewarded with a portfolio certificate and a GGIA Junior Certification t-shirt. Top scoring individual will be recognized with a GGIA plaque.

WHAT IF A STUDENT DOES NOT PASSED? All scores will be given back to the teachers of the students. An individual student can retake the exam as many times as he/she desires.


1. Connect students with Georgia Green Industry.

2. Links classroom instruction directly to real life.

3. Establish guidelines for achievement.

4.Award high levels of competence in the curriculum of horticulture.

5.Improve student participation by encouraging certification for performance.

6. Increase the self-esteem of the student.

7. Program reputation in community and industry for producing student excellence.

HOW TO REGISTER? Deadline for Registration is January 7th. To register for the Junior GGIA certification email [log in to unmask] with the below information:

A. Name of School: ________________
B. Address of School: ______________________
C. Teacher's Name Attending: _________________
D. Other Adults Names Attending: _______________
E. Student's Name and T-shirt size Attending: ________________  Maximum of 10 students per adult/teacher