Please give this a look. You may have some students who can receive a grant for their SAE. The deadline is Monday, so take to review it today.




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Subject: SAE/Career Pathway Grants
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ATTENTION. ATTENTION. We’ve got teachers and staff all over the country screaming for money and we can’t give it away!


         The postmarked deadline for SAE/Career Pathways grants is Monday, Nov. 15th, and we’ve received only a handful of applications for 57 grants to give out.

         These grants are based on financial need and the best plan to put the SAE into production, but 50% of the points are based on financial need!!!!

         These grants are available to members in grades 7-11.

         If a member doesn’t have a membership number yet, just leave it blank. We pretty much take the word of the advisor that the student is a member since it’s so early in the school year.

         The application and categories are available at  https://www.ffa.org/programs/grantsandscholarships/SAEGrants/Pages/default.aspx

         This is the easiest grant application a teacher and member will ever fill out!!!!

         Chapters can have more than one recipient.


  There are several grants for organic production methods. The organic SAE do not need to be certified organic. They can be just a preference towards “natural” production methods like non-chemical fertilizer. They could be just test growing vegetables comparing chemical vs nonchemical pest control.

  There’s one for vegetable production with a preference for onions.

  There’s even one specifically for anyone wanting to produce llamas.


Help us get applications for these SAE/Career Pathway Grants. It would be a shame to turn back thousands of dollars because teachers don’t get kids to fill out the application.




Nina Crutchfield

Local Program Success Specialist

National FFA Organization



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