As some of you may know - some of the programs have recently changed with
the National Animal Identification System.  From my understanding, it is now
known as Animal Disease Traceability.  For more information on the changes &
specifics please visit one of the following websites below.  The first one
is from the USDA website and the second is from the Ga. Department of
Agriculture.  We can obtain premises ID #'s for your farm or school ag
center, please the GA website below online if you are interested in this

Please see the USDA website for more information:  The first paragraph below was taken
directly from the USDA website.

On February 5, 2010, USDA announced a new, flexible framework for animal
disease traceability in the United States.

The framework will provide the basic tenets of an improved animal disease
traceability capability in the United States.  USDA’s efforts will:

   - Only apply to animals moved in interstate commerce;
   - Be administered by the States and Tribal Nations to provide more
   - Encourage the use of lower-cost technology; and
   - Be implemented transparently through federal regulations and the full
   rulemaking process.

There is a link on the GA Dept of Agriculture Website to register your
location (premises ID) online:

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