If after completing the steps below and you still have problems viewing the videos, please contact Robert Ethier at [log in to unmask]  he is the webmaster here at UGA and will be glad to work with you to figure out how to see these and future stream videos

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Teri Hamlin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Good morning - to view the Extemporaneous and Creed Speaking video you must have Quicktime loaded on your computer.
> If you have quicktime loaded and the link below will not go directly to quick time program, try
> this:
> 1. Open Quicktime program
> 2. Click on File
> 3. Click on Open URL and copy and past in the click below for each video
> 4. Wait a few seconds and video should load and come up on Quicktime
> A special thank you to our 2010 state winning Creed Speaker, Ms. Addie Thomason, from Franklin County
> and state winning Extemporaneous Speaker, Ms. Jeannie Bradley, from Towns County for giving permission to show their video of their speech, judge's questions and comments made by professional speaking coach Dr. Joan Curtis.
> The videos are posted on a UGA channel network that hopefully you can click on and watch with your classes and students preparing for competition. 
> Computers will need the program QuickTime program.
> This is a free program you can download to your computer. 
> Click on the below links to watch 2010 State Winning Creed and Extemporaneous Speakers.
> Creed:  
> http://podcasting.gcsu.edu/4DCGI/Podcasting/UGA/Episodes/30013/8385.mov
> Extemporaneous:
> http://podcasting.gcsu.edu/4DCGI/Podcasting/UGA/Episodes/0/5647.mov

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