The Area 6 Livestock results are attached to this email. The top 3 teams and
the top 10 individuals for junior and Senior will advance to the State
Contest the last Saturday in March in Athens. I want to thank all the
teachers that helped me at the contest yesterday. *Congratulation to all the
winners*. In the Senior Contest the management test score is the reason
score for class 6. You can use the tabs at the bottom of the pages to get
all the info from the contest. Teachers you will notice that there are some
teams on the printout that were just in the Waycross Fair Contest and not in
the Area 6 Contest, I left their scores on the sheet where the Teaches would
have this info.

*The top three Senior Teams are:*
    Brantley Co. High 1089 Charlton Co. High 1043 Coffee Co. High 1034

*The top ten Senior Individuals are*:
     Kirsten Skipper Brantley Co. High 155 376 Amanda Miller Jeff Davis High
125 368 Dustin Johnson Brantley Co. High 127 368 Kendall Hickox Ware Co.
High 123 360 Kateline Durrance Pierce Co. High 112 355 Alex Chism Charlton
Co. High 119 355 Andrew Waldron Coffee Co. High 127 355 Russ Roberson Coffee
Co. High 112 351 Corbett Roddenberry Charlton Co. High 111 346 Tanner
Wilson Brantley
Co. High 128 345

*The top three Junior Teams are:*
    GWC 812 Echols Middle 789 Coffee Co. Middle 788

*The top ten Junior individuals:*
     Amber Gilliard GWC 35 280 Hannah Roberts Coffee Co. Middle 39 280 Jordan
Harrison Jeff Davis High 33 275 Cody Corbett Echols Middle 33 273 Jaden
Bryan GWC 23 268 Katlyn Anderson Cook Middle 33 265 Jonathan Pruitt GWC 23
264 Kirsten Harris Brantley Co. High 28 264 Anna Butler Jeff Davis Middle 30
264 Clay Corbett Echols Middle 40 264

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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