I hope everyone looks forward to the Christmas Holidays and spending much
needed time with family.

This time of year is a perfect opportunity to teach students how to take
care of small equipment and prepare them for storage during the Christmas


   1. Equipment is best stored inside the shop or under a shed away from the
   2. Change the oil after the season and before storage.  If equipment is
   stored for the duration of winter, change the oil again before spring
   3. Gasoline does not last forever and will go bad over time so remove it
   from the tank of equipment that is to be stored for several weeks.
   4. Remove batteries from equipment.  Do not place them directly on
   concrete floors.  At the very least, disconnect terminals to avoid discharge
   during storage.
   5. Lubricate all moving parts before and after storage.
   6. Check out this link for more tips:
   7. Also, don't forget the Briggs and Stratton Power Portal  for technical
   info at  Login: voed_schools  Password: briggs

Have a Merry Christmas!


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