There is a problem with the Google calendars that we use for our web site. This is a problem that impacts all Google calendars that are published on a web site.

If you click on our online calendar you see the events for each week but they are posted on the wrong date. All data is shifted to the left. You can click on the event and it will list the correct date and time. It is just posted on the wrong day of the visible calendar.

This does not just impact us. Many school systems and businesses are using the Google system for their calendars. I have checked several systems and found that their calendar is doing the same thing.

There are multiple post at the Google help center and Google indicates that they are addressing the problem.

If you open one of our calendars you can click on the tab at the top of the calendar named "Agenda" to see and print a correct list of dates for the month.

As soon as Google has the issue corrected I will send an email letting you know that the calendar is now functioning properly.

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