If you have a student who is interested in running for state FFA office this year, please encourage them to review the State Officer Candidate Guide 2011. The Guide and the revised state officer candidate application can be found on the Georgia FFA website (www.georgiaffa.org) by clicking on the “Applications” tab. State Officer candidate applications are due to the appropriate Region office no later than March 1. Please be aware that a student must either have their state FFA degree, or be receiving the degree this Spring in order to be eligible to seek a state office.


The Candidate Guide explains the candidate process, offers recommended study material, and gives a description of state officer duties and dates that the 2011-2012 team will be expected to serve during the summer months after being elected in April.


If you, or your student has any questions about the state officer candidate process, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I look forward to a crop of talented candidates this Spring.


Merry Christmas!



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