Happy New Year!  As you know the 2011 Georgia Junior National Livestock Show
is fast approaching.  This email is pertaining to the Georgia Junior
National Livestock Show Catalog.  As many of you know, each year we produce
an exhibitor catalog. The catalog salutes past winners of theshow, provides
necessary information for current exhibitors, and displays advertisements
from the many show supporters.  The catalog is seen by the thousands of
exhibitors, parents, agents and agriculture teachers who attend the show.
Since 1995, proceeds from the Georgia Junior National Livestock Catalog have
provided $500 scholarships to 4-H and FFA members selected as the top
12thgrade showmen in the State Market Lamb, Goat, Steer, Hog, Heifer
Commercial Dairy Heifer shows.

We need your help with ads for the Livestock Catalog and for support of our
State Livestock Show.  Please find attached several documents for you to
review.  I have attached:

- A sample chapter page advertisement from Jackson County ad in 2002. We
would love to have more of these highlighting the successes of your chapter
or recognizing your graduating Seniors or your livestock show team.

--Potential Ad Purchase Letter-please use this for those people that are not
included on either excel spreadsheet that may be interested in supporting
this project.

- Ad Request Form-once you secure an advertisement please have the supporter
complete this form and send it to the designated location by the deadline.

I realize that this is another request for support and assistance when you
all are called on so many times.  I personally thank you for your help and
attention in this matter. I realize the deadline date on the letter has
past, but if you are interested in purchasing an ad or know of someone who
hasn't purchased an ad yet, please contact me & we will do our best to get
it in the catalog!

Thank you, Thank you to all your work with the livestock & students that
make our state show a reality!

Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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706.552.4463 ofc

Students are the living messages we send into the future that we will never