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Date: Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 9:15 AM
Subject: State show reminders, rodeo tickets, banquet tickets and other

  The State Livestock show is coming up fast on Feb 16-20.  Below are a few
reminders that may answer some of your questions:

The rule book is located at:
A schedule of events is on page 14.  Please check the schedule and note that
some things have changed from last year.

Please, Please, Please ...
Log in to the on-line entry site at:
and check your entries.  Make sure that the tag and tattoo numbers listed at
the on-line entry site actually match what is in the ear. If you have sent
in corrections, please check to make sure that we have made those
Tip:  On the left side of the screen for your county or chapter, you can
select reports and print out all of your entries in each show.  Many agents
and teachers find it handy to have this list with them at the show.

Banquet tickets can be ordered at the online entry site:
Heather Shultz has sent out info on this already, but tickets need to be
ordered on-line and picked up in Perry on Thursday and Friday.  (see
schedule on page 14 of rule book for pick-up time.)

Exhibitors with only ewes are being mailed rodeo ticket info to request
tickets for Saturday night (The exhibitor should get this in the next few
days).  Ewe exhibitors who want to attend Saturday night rodeo will need to
respond.  If a ewe exhibitor will be in town, they can request a Thursday
ticket instead of a Saturday.

All other exhibitors (hog, dairy, steer and heifer) don't need to do
anything right now.  They get their tickets at the show for THURSDAY NIGHT.
Someone from your county/chapter will pick up rodeo ticket vouchers in Perry
in the Roquemore building on Thursday Feb 17 between 9-12 or 1-4. (see
Schedule in rule book, page 14).  They will then take the voucher over to
the ticket office and exchange it for a Thursday night ticket.  If mom or
dad want to go they will need to buy a ticket.  They can purchase tickets at
the ticket office when the exhibitor exchanges the voucher or they can buy
tickets earlier.

Tickets go on sale Monday, Jan 24 on-line only at  If
you want to buy tickets for other people, you can buy them early if you
want.  If you want to go to the rodeo sometime other than Thursday night,
you will have to buy those tickets.

If you plan on having team(s) in the livestock quiz bowl, please e-mail me
with the name of the team and the number of teams. I do not need to know
contestant names, I just need to know the number of teams so we can
plan.(see rulebook page 28 for info)

 *No equipment or animals are allowed on the fairgrounds before 8:00 am on
Wednesday, February 16.


 Ronnie Silcox,
Extension Animal Scientist
Rhodes Animal & Dairy Science
Athens, GA  30602
(706) 542-9102

Christa Steinkamp
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