Teachers: Please share this information with your local FFA Alumni officers.
The Georgia FFA Alumni membership rosters are now available online at:

At the web link you will also find instructions for updating the rosters, info on the Membership Challenge and the Legion of Merit forms. The rosters and dues must be submitted to the state office by March 15, 2011 to count towards alumni awards and to receive an incentive item. Email your completed roster to Joy Carter at [log in to unmask]
and mail a hard copy of the totals page and payment for dues to:

Joy Carter
4101 London Lane
Tifton, GA 31793

If you have questions then please contact Joy Carter at 229-563-2745 or [log in to unmask]
Additional points to remember when updating the roster based on questions from last year. However, everyone should review the instructions before beginning to update the roster.
1. Update the Affiliate info including the contact info for the alumni affiliate, school, roster preparer and the alumni officers.
2.  Make sure state dues amounts are entered on the "Totals Page" in the top right hand box as applicable to your state.  Every affiliate will need to enter $5.00 for annual regular dues in Georgia. There is no additional state dues for life, collegiate or corporate members in Georgia.
3.   Make sure that on the "Roster Page" in column one the members are marked "AR" for those that are renewing.
4.  Make sure that in column three the NATIONAL membership type is marked. “R” for regular, “L” for life, “C” for corporate and “U” for collegiate.
5.  Do not change anything in the blue column labeled “Last Year Member Type”
6.  Scroll to the far right of the screen.  The second to last column (shaded purple) is titled “State Member Type”.  Make sure the STATE membership type is marked with an R for all annual regular dues paying members.
7.  Check your totals page to make sure everything adds up correctly before submitting to the state.



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