Registration information concerning the Greenhand Jamboree and Success Conference is attached. The conferences will be held in conjunction at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center near Covington on March 4-5, 2011. All registration information must be postmarked by Thursday, February 10.
Fliers to promote the Greenhand Jamboree and Success Conference are also attached. Use them on your classroom door, on your bulletin board, and in the hallway to encourage your students to attend.
For those of you who like to get a head start, each student will need a signed copy of the attached parental consent form to attend the conference. You will need to collect the forms and turn them in at on-site registration on March 4.
If you have any questions about any of the leadership opportunities available to your students, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you and your students at the conferences.

Hope H. Carter
Leadership Program Specialist
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: (706) 552-4457
Fax:  (706) 552-4458