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Date: Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 9:22 AM
Subject: Funding opportunity from Lowe's
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Good morning, Everyone! I hope all had a wonderful holiday season and are
rested. Below you will find information directly from Lowe’s regarding
education grants. These are right up our alley! Please share with your
teachers & alumni/young farmers/booster clubs (as long as they have the
501c(3) status). Time is of the essence since only 1500 applications are
taken on a first received basis.

*Click **here* <>* to go
directly to the Lowe's Grant Website.* Contact your local Lowe's Manager for
additional assistance.

*See #18 below - $50,000-$100,000 also available. Grant due 1/31/11.*  The
most successful educational programs are those that are homegrown. They
reflect the schools they serve and fill their communities unique needs and
interests. Here <> are some
examples of what you can do for your school.

*Here are 9 ideas to jumpstart some thoughts of your own.*

1. Reading Garden
2. Vegetable Garden
3. Physical Fitness Area

4. School Landscaping Project
5. School Nature Trail
6. Parent Involvement Center

7. Peer Tutoring Center
8. Playground
9. Rotating Student Art Exhibit


*1.  *

*Q: Who is eligible for the Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant program?*

A: Any individual non-profit public K-12 school or parent group associated
with a non-profit public K-12 school. Parent groups that are applying (PTO,
PTA, etc.) must have an independent tax ID # and official 501c(3) status
from the IRS. If your group does not have 501c(3) status, please apply
through your school. Pre-schools are not eligible.

*2.  *

*Q: How do I submit an application for my school or parent group?*

A: Applications are submitted online via this website. In order to submit an
application your school must be registered in our database. You should
confirm this beforehand by going through the first step of the application
process: Verifying Your Contact Information. If your school is not currently
registered in our database it can be added, but it can take up to 24 hours
to process. You can register your school even if you are not ready to submit
your application. If you wait until the deadline date to submit your
application, and your school is not already registered you will not be able
to submit the application.

*3.  *

*Q: Can I view a an example of a completed, successful grant application?*

A: Yes. You can view a completed, successful, sample application by
following this link: Lowe's Toolbox for Education - Sample Grant

*4.  *

*Q: How do I find my school in the database?*

A: The pre-application checklist guides you to confirm that your school is
in the database. You need to do this by going through the first step of the
application: Verifying Your Contact Information. When you click on "Apply
Now", it will take you through the initial stages of the application process
– and the contact information is entered there. You do not need to fill the
application out at that time. Once you have verified the contact information
or added it, you can either "X" out of the application process or click the
back arrow on your web browser to leave the application. The contact
information will be saved.

*5.  *

*Q: What kind of projects will qualify for the Lowe's Toolbox for Education

A: There is a preference for funding requests that have a permanent impact
such as facility enhancement (both indoor and outdoor) as well as
landscaping/clean up type projects. Projects that encourage parent
involvement and build stronger community spirit will be favored. Please note
the grant money cannot be used to pay for memorials, stipends, salaries,
artists in residence, field trips, scholarships, or third party funding.
Only 10% of any award granted can be used toward outside resources such as
labor, installation, consultation and delivery.

2010-2011 Grant Application Update

For more than 60 years, Lowe's has supported the communities we call home.
At a time when schools and community groups are struggling to make ends
meet, Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation recognizes that we must
increase our focus on basic, one-time project needs.  Again, this year, we
challenge ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our
educators and parent groups through these challenging times efficiently and
with the greatest impact. In 2010, basic needs will take priority. Please
keep this focus in mind as you apply for a Toolbox for Education grant in
the 2010-2011 academic year. Thank you.

*6.  *

*Q: How much money is available for our school with the Lowe's Toolbox for
Education grant?*

*A: Between $2,000 and $5,000 per school is available. Lowe's will donate $5
million to schools and school parent teacher groups at more than 1,000
different schools during the school year.*

*7.  *

*Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can apply for?*

A: In order to apply, the requested grant amount must be between $2,000 and

*8.  *

*Q: Is there a timeframe by which we will need to complete our project, in
order to qualify for the grant? *

A: Yes. Lowe's will only consider grants for projects that will be completed
within one year of when the grant is received. A Toolbox grant can be used
as part of a large-scale project, like a playground, so long as the grant
will be used to complete a phase of the project that can be completed within
the year of the award.

*9.  *

*Q: Have you received 1,500 applications? Is it worth it for me to apply or
should I wait for the next deadline?*

*A: If the application process is still open, you should apply. Once 1,500
applications are received, the application process will be closed and the
ìApply Nowî button will no longer appear on the website.*

*10.  *

*Q: What is an EIN#?*

A: An EIN # is your parent group or schoolĂ­s Employer Identification Number
(EIN). It is also known as a Tax Identification Number (TIN) or a Federal
Tax Identification number (FIN). It is a unique number assigned by the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to entities operating in the United States
for the purposes of identification. The number should be 9 digits in length.

*11.  *

*Q: Will our parent group be required to use Lowe's materials and/or
products to complete our project?*

A: No, your group will not be required to use Lowe's products to complete
your project with the Toolbox grant. Lowe's would certainly appreciate the
business but they understand that some of the materials for specific
projects would not be available through Lowe's. The committee will, however,
take into consideration how your project fits the Lowe's brand.

*12.  *

*Q: Will our local Lowe's store offer us any assistance in completing our

A: The ability of Lowe's to offer volunteer assistance will vary from store
to store. This assistance is limited to some Lowe's employees volunteering
their time to help with the labor involved and does NOT include any donation
or discount on materials. Please contact your local Lowe's manager for more
information on how they can be involved.

*13.  *

*Q: When will we be notified if we have won?*

A: All applicants will be notified of their status via email approximately 3
months after the application deadline. When submitting an application, the
contact email address included should be for a contact that will be
available throughout the grant process.

*14.  *

*Q: What are the application deadlines?*

*A: There are two Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant cycles in a school
year. For the 2009-2010 school year the first deadline is 5pm EST on October
15, 2010 and the second deadline is 5pm EST on February 18, 2011.*

*15.  *

*Q: May more than one application be considered from any one school during
the same grant cycle?*

A: No, only one application may be submitted per school for any given grant

*16.  *

*Q: If a school/parent group applies and is not successful in obtaining a
grant, may they apply again during the next grant cycle? And if so, could
they apply for the same project (with some modifications to the proposal)?*

A: Yes, if unsuccessful in obtaining a grant during one grant cycle, the
school/parent group may re-apply during the following application period.

   *17.  *

*Q: If a school/parent group applies during one grant cycle of the year and
is awarded a grant, are they eligible to apply again during the same school

A: No, the Lowe's Charitable and Education Foundation will only consider a
previously funded group's grant application after twelve months have passed
since the original award.

*18.  *

*Q: We would like to apply for the Large Toolbox grant for up to $100,000.
How do we do that?*

*A: A special fund has been designated for parent group initiated
improvement projects at public schools or school districts. Grants from
$50,000 to $100,000 are available for a variety of school improvement
projects at K-12 public schools such as, but not limited to, landscaping and
grounds improvement, library or media center enhancement, science or
specialty lab creation or upgrade, or parent education programs. All schools
or districts applying for the Large Toolbox grant MUST apply online directly
via the **Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF)
*. Review the introductory LCEF information and follow the "Continue"
prompts at the bottom of each page until you come to the beginning of the
application. Please note: In the project title blank, "Your Project
Information", make sure you type "Large Toolbox for Education School
request" AND your project title in this field. Again, grant requests from
large schools or districts must be made online through the LCEF. Completed
applications must be received no later than January 31, 2011.*

*19.  *

*Q: Will you send me a copy of my application? *

A: Once your application is submitted successfully, you will receive a
confirmation email which includes a copy of the information submitted in the
application. Please save this email as we do not have the capability to send
a copy of the application.

*20.  *

*Q: What are the reporting requirements?*

A: The reporting requirements are quite simple. Approximately 3-6 months
after you receive your award, you will receive a survey via email which will
ask how your project is going, is it complete, has it been started, etc. We
ask that you complete this online survey. We also ask that you send us any
news clips or promotional materials related to your project, along with any
digital pictures you would like to share. In terms of the report at the
completion of the project, please just summarize how it has gone, would you
do anything differently, why it went so well, any impact it has on the
community, etc. We do not require receipts, etc. Just a basic evaluation of
how you felt your project went and its success within the school and the
community. You can send this report to [log in to unmask] or you
can mail it to:

Lowe's Toolbox for Education
c/o PTO Today
100 Stonewall Boulevard
Suite 3
Wrentham, MA 02093


Nina Crutchfield

Local Program Success Specialist

National FFA Organization


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