The 2011 Georgia Junior National Livestock Show Award Banquet is scheduled for Friday, February 18th, 7:oo pm, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in the Miller-Murphy-Howard Building.   Exhibitors (students who are actually exhibiting at the State Livestock Show in February or that exhibited in the State Market Lamb and Market Goat show in October) are eligible to order a complimentary banquet/dance ticket or a complimentary dance ticket.


Banquet tickets for parents, leaders, agents and teachers may be purchased for $15.00.  Tickets for non-participating children 5 to 8 years are available for $6.00.  Under 5 years old are admitted for free.


Agents/Ag. Teachers are able to request complimentary exhibitor tickets and purchase additional guest tickets from the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show Online Registration site:  Please access the site and sign in using your already created user name and password. Then select the Banquet Fee’s “Payment Instructions Link” the second line on the counties front page.  The following instructions will appear: 

Description: must indicate which exhibitors will be attending the banquet and Dance.  If you do not select any of your county exhibitors individually, we will not have a record of who you have requested for and we will not designate any tickets for your county/chapter.  Please be accurate and true when you order your complimentary exhibitor tickets.  We must order a meal for each ticket ordered online and have found in the past that some agents/ag. teachers, just order a ticket for every person when the exhibitor doesn’t  intend on attending.  To help reduce the opportunity for increased fee’s, please be accurate with your order.

1.     Go to the "Fee Summary" page,

1.     click on each exhibitor's name

2.     find the "Attributes" section highlighted in Green.

3.     select all of the attributes that apply to that individual. 

*Exhibitors may either attend the banquet and dance or either the banquet or the dance.  By selecting both the banquet and dance options they will receive one ticket.  If they select either the banquet option or the dance option, they will only receive the option they select.

**If the student has been recognized as a Market Lamb or Market Goat Record Book Winner and would like to request one (1) adult complimentary ticket, they must select that option and provide the Division (Pre-Club 1, Pre-Club 2, Junior or Senior) and Specie (Market Lamb or Market Goat). 

For those Record Book Winners (Steer, Heifer, Commercial Dairy Heifer and Hogs) will be posted on the specie show office once judging is complete on Friday, February 18th.  Each exhibitor that is being recognized at the banquet will have a complimentary adult ticket at will call (please check in at 6:30 pm at the Miller-Murphy-Howard Building-Record Book Award Winner Gathering) as these individuals(exhibitors) will have preferred seating.  Please go ahead and purchase an adult ticket for every Record Book Contestant (Steer, Heifer, Commercial Dairy Heifer and Hog) and if the individual(exhibitor) is recognized, we will work with the county/chapter to provide reimbursement after the event (reimbursements may be requested to my office, through email no later than February 28th. )   

4.     click the "Save" button.

2.     You may also order Additional Banquet tickets. On the "Fee Summary" Page, enter the number for each type of additional ticket and click the "Update Additional Charges" button.

Pay for your tickets -- click the Banquet Pay Submission link on the left hand menu.  This site will close at 12 noon on Friday, February 11th.  Please make all checks made payable to:  Georgia Junior National Livestock Show Award Banquet.  The Payment Submission Form and fee’s must be postmarked by the close of business on Friday, February 11th.  Forms and fee’s are due to Heather K. Shultz, Hoke Smith Annex #321, Athens, GA  30602.

The Amount Due will be calculated on the form. Fill in the check number and mail form along with check to:  Heather K. Shultz, Hoke Smith Annex #321, Athens, GA  30602.

No tickets will be mailed out.  All tickets will be available for pick up on:


Thursday, February 17th, Roquemore Building

·         9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and

·         1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


Tickets will also be available for pick up on:


Friday, February 18th Miller-Murphy-Howard Building

·         9:00 a.m. to noon


**Tickets will be available for purchase (if available) during these listed times only.  


Tickets will be available for pick up by 4-H county or FFA chapter. 


Please send one adult to pick up ALL county or chapter tickets.  Tickets will not be handed out individually.  The adult county or chapter representative will sign for the tickets and will be responsible to distribute tickets for the entire 4-H county or FFA chapter.


Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to attend the Awards Banquet, but we understand there are many activities going on during the week.  The doors to the banquet will close promptly at 7:30 pm.  To gain access to the Awards Banquet the exhibitors must have a Banquet/Dance Ticket.  The doors will remain closed until the conclusion of the banquet and will re-open to allow exhibitors with a Dance Only Ticket to enter the dance.  To provide a fun and secure atmosphere, no re-entrance is allowed.  Once an individual leaves they will not be allowed back into the building.


If you should have any problems with the online registration site, please contact Mr. Steve Walker at:  [log in to unmask] or 706/484-2860.  If you have specific questions in regards to the ticket order process, please contact Ms. Lindsey Fodor at:  [log in to unmask] or 706/542-7832.


If you have questions in regards to the Complimentary Rodeo Tickets or how to purchase additional Rodeo Tickets, please direct these questions to Dr. Ronnie Silcox at: [log in to unmask] or 706/542-9102.


Thank you and see you at the banquet!


Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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