From: Todd Dobson <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 8:28 PM

Subject: URGENT Mid Winter Conference Info

I hope all of you enjoyed the Christmas Break and are looking forward to a
very productive new year.  Just wanted to send out a couple of reminders
and important changes for mid winter conference which is this coming
Thursday and Friday January 13-14.  I will also be in contact with Mr.
Teasley this week in case we have major weather issues, so please keep a
close check on email.

 I have attached an agenda but there
are a couple of major changes.

*Registration will take place in Mobley Hall from 3:00-5:00
*Opening session will be begin promptly at 5:00 to make sure we have
adequate time before the Hall of Fame Dinner and Ceremony.

During New Business on Friday we will also be voting on the location of
the 2012 Summer Conference site.  After reviewing the survey results, which
will be provided for you as well in an email when I get back to school
tomorrow or the next day,the board has researched three areas and received
quotes from them. Our recommendations are :
1)  Athens at either the Classic Center or the Georgia Center for
Continuing Education
2)  Savannah at the Marriott
3)  Tifton at the Rural Development Center

Here is a breakdown of how each will affect you
Location                Registration Fee                Hotel

Athens   (Classic Cen)          $75.00                  $89-129

Athens (Georgia Cen)            $75.00                  still nego.

Savannah (Marriott)             $90.00                  $129

Tifton (Rural Dev. Center)      $75.00                  $50-$82

Some items of interest are:
*There will be parking fee of $10 per day at the Marriott in Savannah
*According to your survey results, this will be a 2 year decision as most
all of you feel that we should be on a two year rotation.
*If for some reason GVATA had to cancel the conference, there will be a
 cancellation of contract fee for Savannah, will be one for Athens,
 and there is not one for Tifton.
*Everything at one location- Savannah yes, Athens yes(Hilton has 185 rooms
and it is connected, Hotel Indigo has 100 rooms .3miles from Center),
 and Tifton lodging close but not connected

This information will also be provided at registration along with the
updated info from the Georgia Center in Athens. If Athens is the choice of
the group, we would then vote for the facility to use.

I have heard many suggestions from you the members over the past couple of
months and I appreciate everyone of them.  I also want you to know that
is your organization and we are working to run it the way you want.  I
believe you deserve that since you pay your dues. You have a voice in the
matter and it should be heard so let myself or a board member know when
you have concerns.

I would ask that you look over the choices and please feel free to contact
me with questions anytime between now and Friday.  I do not want anyone to
feel as if your are not informed or mislead in any way. I have the survey
analysis at school and will send it as soon as I get back to school,  but
I wanted to go ahead and send this tonight since many of us will be out of
school for a day or two.  I hope that you will take this information and
discuss with your fellow teachers and in the end do what you feel is best
for our organization.

Todd Dobson