Registration is now open for the North Region Agricultural Mechanics CDE. The Area 2 Ag. Mechanics CDE will be on Tuesday February 22 at Franklin County High School and the Area1 CDE will be on Thursday February 24 at Dawson County High School. The Ag. Mechanics CDE will have a team activity at the area contest this year. Teachers, please go to my home page on the Ag.Ed. web site and download the documents pertaining to the Ag. Mechanics team activity.  The skill we be directly related to the information on my portal under the Ag. Mechanics CDE section and will involve surveying and differential leveling. If you have a level and grade stick you are encouraged to bring it with you for your team to use at the contest. If you do not, one will be provided. Students will be required to set up and level the instrument, take readings and make field notes. No laser levels will be allowed at the contest. Grade sticks should read in feet and tenths.

The welding skill this year will be SMAW. Students will be required to wire a three box problem for the electricity skill. There will be a small engines skill related to a Briggs and Stratton Single Cylinder L-head or Single Cylinder Overhead valve engine. Please refer to the contest description attached to this e-mail for more information.

Please register your team by going to the registration link provided and answering the questions. The CDE will be ready for participants by 3:00 P.M., please arrive no later that 5:00 p.m.  T-Shirts are available for you and your students. You may see the t-shirt design by opening the attachment provided. Please indicate the size and number of T-shirts that you will be ordering. All orders must be received no later than Monday February 14, 2011. T-Shirts are only available for pre-orders and cost $10.00 each. Checks may be made payable to North Region Agricultural Education or you may pay with cash.  All payments are due on the day of the contest. Please do not mail payment prior to the contest. Please enter the number of shirts you wish to order under the sizes that you need then total the number of shirts and calculate the amount of money due at the CDE.

Click Here to register.
Ag. Mechanics CDE Registration Link

If you have any problems with the registration link, please contact me. If I can help in any way, let me know. I look forward to seeing you at the CDE.

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