Listed below are the teams that have signed up for Parliamentary Procedure
CDE for next week. If you Team is not on the list please go to the link at
the bottom of the email and fill out the form and submit it.

    Chapter Advisor Area Junior or Senior Irwin Middle Chris Paulk
Area 5 Junior
Team C.A.Gray Jr. High Howell Area 5 Junior Team Bainbridge Middle School Jesse
Kelly Area 5 Junior Team Southside Middle School Theresa Sikinyi Area 5 Junior
Team    Colquitt County High Stacey Beacham Area 5 Senior Team Tift County
FFA Cook Area 5 Senior Team Bainbridge  Hugh Lanier Area 5 Senior Team
Middle  Krista Morris Area 6 Junior Team Berrien High Tim Meeks Area 6 Junior
Team Coffee Midddle David Atkinson Area 6 Junior Team Jeff Davis Middle
School Nita McLeod Area 6 Junior Team    Clinch County High Dustin Philpot Area
6 Senior Team Brantley County Richard Gill Area 6 Senior Team Lanier Ben
Culpepper Area 6 Senior Team Berrien High Tim Meeks Area 6 Senior Team Jeff
Davis High Todd Claxton Area 6 Senior Team Bradwell Institute Elizabeth
Davis Area 6

Senior Team

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
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