Eastern Moles, generally considered solitary animals, often damage pastures, gardens, and woodlands by tunneling. Moles are capable of tunneling 12 to 15 feet per hour. Tunnel excavation is primarily used to find food. Moles can consume more than 70 percent of their body weight daily. The average size of a male mole is 5 inches and weighing nearly 4 ounces. Moles mainly feed on insects and invertebrates.
Due to their damage, landowners are often searching for ways to eradicate moles. The following methods may be used to control the pesky creature.
  1. Exclusion: Installing a physical barrier such as aluminum sheeting to deter tunneling.
  2. Habitat Modification: Minimize irrigation to eliminate soil moisture and compact soil with a roller. Moles will avoid dry / compacted soils.
  3. Fumigants: Aluminum phosphide can be placed deep into the tunnel.
  4. Trapping: Lethal traps are the most efficient method of controlling moles.
For more information about controlling moles, visit: http://www.forestry.uga.edu/outreach/pubs/pdf/WMS-07-13.pdf 
W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
Georgia Department of Education