After discussing the proficiency due date with Mr. Corzine, we decided that a hard copy of the proficiency had to be in the possession of the Central Region Office by 5:00 pm on February 15, 2011.  This means that you can mail the application to the Central Region Office or put the hard copy in the hands of one of the Area Teachers or Mr. Corzine by the above mentioned deadline.  This does not mean postmarked by the 15th or emailed by the 15th.  Mail it or deliver the hard copy in time to be there by the deadline.  Only the hard copies of the proficiencies turned in by the deadline will be judged.  Hopefully, by being able to turn it in to one of the Area Teachers will make it somewhat easier for you to get them in on time.  Thank you for your hard work with these.  If you have any questions about this, please contact me.

The same thing applies to National Chapter applications.

John Allen Bailey
Central Region Forestry Teacher
711 Kite Hwy.
Swainsboro, GA  30401