Good Morning Teachers,

I hope you have read the email from Mr. Lastly about helping with the other
activities going on during the 2011 Georgia Junior National Livestock Show
and are ready to help.

We have a few more areas that could use we could use some help.

These two have most of the areas filled, but could use a person here or
there to fill in a hole
Breeding Ewes -
Commercial Dairy Heifers -

Market Hogs are in really good shape, but please be aware during the show
if help could be used at line-up or in the ring with boards.

Here's where we need the most help.
Steers -
Beef Heifers -
The areas are in clerking, ribbons, ring help, and line-up.  I am hoping the
attachement Mrs. Steinkamp has attached will allow you to fill it in
yourself.  If not please contact she or myself if you are willing to help.
We also realize you may not know of a time until you get there.  Once you
do, please notify one of us.

Also, I know I have talked with several about working and you graciously
volunteered, but your name is not on the list.  I would list that as
technical difficulties.  Please let me know if it doesn't allow you to sign
up yourself.

Thanks for everything.


    2011 Work Schedule
Message from [log in to unmask]:

Please take a few minutes to look through your respective
responsibilities at the state show this week.  Most of the species are
looking very good - we have most aspects covered.  However, the page
needing the most attention today is the last tab - Banquet Record
Book. We still need record book judges for each day.  We need people
to help hand out banquet tickets.  We need chaperones for the dance.
Please help us fill in this list today if possible. Thank you.

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   - 2011 Work Schedule

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