If you have an account set up with the PSC you may have received this
email. Since many of us do not have an account set up I wanted to
forward the email that was set to account holders. This email details
the new requirements and rules for Certificate upgrades. The new rules
may limit your ability to upgrade to a new certificate. Please read
the attached document and the information below and go to if you have any questions about the new rules.

From:  <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 6:47 PM
Subject: Important Information on Certificate Upgrades

Dear educator,

This email message is being forwarded to you through your MyGaPSC
Account. The attached Memorandum provides important information on a
major GaPSC initiative outlined in Rule 505-2-.41 Educator Certificate

The rule, which became effective December 15, 2010 and includes a
specific grandfathering period, will impact future salary increases
for many of you resulting from advanced degree programs. To support
this initiative, a number of new web-based guidance documents and
supporting electronic tools are addressed in the Memorandum and are
now available on our website.

Please NOTE: The Upgrade Rule applies to Georgia educators holding a
valid Clear Renewable, Performance-Based, or Life Certificate at
Level-4, -5 or -6, as long as they hold one of the following
certificate types: Teaching (T), Service (S), Leadership (L or PL) or
Technical Specialist (TS at level 4 or higher).

The Upgrade Rule DOES NOT apply to Georgia educators holding the
following certificates: Non-Renewable; International Exchange;
GaTAPP-related certificates; Paraprofessional; Non-Instructional Aide;
Permit; Support Personnel License; Adjunct License or Clearance
Certificate. Educators holding Level-1 or Level-2 certificates are
also NOT covered by this rule; they may, however, continue to earn
higher degrees under PSC Rule 505-2-.02.

David Turner
Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum
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Athens, GA 30602
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