Fellow Ag. Teachers,

there are still some questions regarding the End of Pathway Assessments
for Agricultural Education. Here is a re-cap of the process:

Back in July & August (2010) your CTAE administrator was given information
regarding the process, procedures, and sign-up opportunities for your
students that you or your school system indicate are ready to take the End
of Pathway Assessment currently available.
In Agricultural Education -- we provided two opportunities (Agricultural
Mechanics & Forestry) and then CTAE decided to pilot the Plant Science /
Horticulture Assessment.
Your CTAE Administrator was given a "Funding Request Document" because the
state is covering the cost of the exams for this year.
Your CTAE Administrator should make the contact and get your students
signed-up for any assessment that you (or your school system) is planning
to provide.
See information below regarding contact information and procedures from

Let me clarify some of the confusing details:

* the plant science/ horticulture is being "field tested" -- Selected
schools have been asked to provide students that have completed the
pathway. It is NOT required that every Plant Science / Horticulture
pathway completer take the assessment this year.
* Any completes that you have in Agricultural Mechanics and/or Forestry -
Natural Resources now have the opportunity to take the end of pathway
assessment this year -- provided that your school CTAE administrator has
"signed-up" and requested the funding through CTAE.
* A "completer" for any Agricultural Education Pathway is still defined as
a student that has completed all three courses in a particular pathway. --

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Please do not hesitate to
contact me if you have any questions.

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
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Mamie Hanson/SIA/DOE/GADOE
08/24/2010 03:55 PM



Changes to FY2011 CTAE Assessment Funding Request Document

TO:        ALL CTAE Administrators
RE:        Changes to FY2011 CTAE Assessment Funding Request Document

This message is being sent in reference to several changes that have been
made to
the FY2011 CTAE Assessment Funding Request Document.  In the updated copy
the document:

The GGIA Junior Certification Level I and Level II exams have been deleted
        the Technical Skill Attainment Inventory Listing and will be
replaced by the state-developed
        Plant Science Horticulture exam.  We are hoping to have the state
developed exam
        available for dispensing mid-April, 2011.  For those systems that
have already included
        this exam as a part of their count for funding, you do not need to
re-submit your form.  I
        will make the correction on the form as the cost of the state
developed exam is the same as
        the GGIA exams.

The CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification exam has been added as
        option under the Interactive Media Pathway.  Please see the
Assessment Information Sheet
        and blueprints for this certification exam attached and add these
documents to your manual
        under Interactive Media.  If you are interested in using this
exam, you will need
        to resubmit your funding request document using the updated form.
(So very sorry.)

The Transportation Logistical Operations and Support Pathway Names were
not matched
        with the proper exam series on the original funding request
document.  That has been rectified.
        If you requested funding for these exams series, you do not have
to re-submit the document as
        a $15.00 covers one or all exams in the series.

Also see attached, an updated Technical Skill Attainment Inventory

Thank you so much for your patience as we work through this implementation


Mamie Hanson
Grants Program Consultant
Georgia Department of Education
Career, Technical & Agricultural Education
1752 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA  30334
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